Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lonelygirl15 the post-expose video

We all know she's "not real", like most people, she has a contrived self, full of artificial desires from ads and commercials, full of comfort zones and taboos, obligations to parents, home-schooled hermit, "I've never been to a party" she sighs.

Lonelygirl15 is the victim of cyber-sleuths, analyzing her every nuance and gesture. But she's not real. The person pretending to be Lonelygirl15 is something Other, perhaps a barfly or crack whore, who knows? We cannot know. Online personas are easy to whip up and use to seduce people.

Fans became hooked on a persona made of scripts and acting. A false entity. An imaginary friend. A liar. An actress. A deception.

We know a movie's not real, especially the dopey droopy docu-dramas (The Path to 9-11), interpretations of events (Smell Gibson's The Passion) and "based on a true story" (Blackhawk Down) myths.

But we assume, wrongly and naively perhaps, that a video on YouTube or a blog is an authentic depiction of a real human person. Not an actor. Not a script. Not a routine. You Broadcast Yourself, not a fiction self made up by a production company, for unknown purposes.

She's not real, but her boyfriend tries to get her to disobey her strict authoritarian tradition-minded father, who walks around with a Sisyphus limp, an Oedipus foot swollen to arrogant proportions, a Pere Ubu or father of goo.

"You have too much preparing to do," barks the tyrannical patriarch of the seldom seen path. "Your participation in the ceremony is a huge honor."

She's not real, but there are passages memorized, diet followed, exercises done. Intrigue. Harry Potter cannot be far behind, lurking like another liar in the filthy shadows of transmorgification.

She's not real, but merchandising is on its way. Get your Lonelygirl15 Branded eye shadow, music CD, spelling book, lunch pail, blog template, tee shirt, DVD, virtual family dungeon game.

Marketing: Mystery vs. Transparency, Evasive vs. Invasive, Cheese vs. Mousetrap.

An ongoing video soap opera, occuring primarily at YouTube, is a business model in itself, but can it violate netiquette and blog core values, and succeed through worst practices? With addictive content, and disgruntled fans? We shall see.

This video was uploaded 3 days ago by "aruc23" age 85, country CA, videos 1, subscribers 10, videos watched 0. This profile contains a photo of Lonelygirl15. Yet another evasive move, another aka / alias?

Will YouTube permit Fictional Character Vlogging? With no disclaimer or transparency of agenda? With clandestine production and mercurial distributors?

Watch the Tibetan tantric whisper transmissions, a technique I espouse for secret emergency communications, but not in a feature film. Films have too many big talking heads and too much whispering at crucial points in the narrative.

Bend sinister: what, or who, is the agenda? Duped~!

Lonelygirl15's new Video (2:09)


Jecklin said...

Yes, this morning on NPR I heard they've signed a deal with Hollywood.

steven edward streight said...

I read on an "official" press release vlog that they were going to stop doing the LG15 videos, but their sponsor Target Stores demanded the full quantity promised.

Not sure if any of this is true.

The thinly disguised agenda is what matters most to me right now.

The slightly veiled purpose. You know what I refer to?

Jecklin said...

No, I'm not sure what you're referring to. I've only seen one of the lonelygirl videos, so I might be missing something.

It is obvious, however, that you think it is something sinister...if not downright occultic. I know you know the ties between magic and marketing and manipulation, which brings me to a book on these subjects you might enjoy by Ioan Couliano called Eros and Magic.

see: http://www.esoteric.msu.edu/VolumeII/CulianuReview.html

People could benefit practicing the art of discernment...making decisions from there--whether they choose to trust or not, play along or not...etc.

otherwise we risk turning the external world into our interior, and our interior into the external--which is what one of those french deconstructionalists said (forget who).

steven edward streight said...

Jecklin: I am a follower of deconstruction, especially Jacques Derrida, Roland Barthes, and Emmanuel Levinas.

You should look at Lonelygirl15 video "A Change in My Life" which vaguely mentions the occult regimen of a ceremony she's been honored to participate in.

The Satanism aspect derives from the picture of Aleister Crowley on the wall, with candles under it, and the veiled references to "my beliefs", "my religion", "religious camp", and "home-schooling".

The brilliant thing is how they say "religion" and "home-schooling" and "strict father"...to make us think it's some fundamentalist Baptist type thing. It's not.

The LG15 report on NBC news last night made no mention of the controversy of script vs. genuine, nor the occult Satanic aspects.

Typical MSM sloppiness and bias.