Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lonelygirl15 deception VIDEO

Lonelygirl15 is an example of why fictional characters are hated in the blogosphere and the videosphere.

The producers of a fictional character are seen to be toying with the emotions of the loyal fans. Outbursts of anger and mutiny are seen everywhere. YouTubers are in revolt against violations of the core values Authenticity, Integrity, Transparency.

I display photos of myself at my blog to make my personal presence vivid and immediate to my readers.

Fresh photos of how I look are uploaded so you can peek into my private world, day by day. Updated visual representations of my physical reality keep hammering home the truth that I am a living, fallible, real human being, not an actor, poser, or fraud.

Using a fictional character, with unreal attributes, to get people emotionally involved with an imaginary person's seemingly actual personality, trials, and struggles, is User Fraud.

The online audience is repulsed by marketing ploys. Christopher Locke explained this quite clearly in his book Gonzo Marketing. Web surfers have trained themselves to detect insincerity, scams, con jobs online. We tune out ads and skip over irrelevant trivia. We are in a hurry, stressed out, in a time crunch, and have no patience with deceptive gimmicks.

The new communications technology is powered and championed by people who have values, morals, and ethics. We have zero tolerance for deception, sham, and hucksterism. Manipulation and exploitation will be dealt with severely by disgruntled fans who feel used.

Vaspers: "Lonelygirl15 deception" (5:59)

Free Speech is here! Now a rebuttal from the guy who told me how to apply for YouTube Director Account.

JimmyJames 1978
"Lonelygirl 15 is fake" (3:38)


Leon said...

Vaspers! Followed you through a comment. Long time no see!

steven edward streight said...

What other names do you or have you gone by?

I visited your blog and nothing seemed to ring a bell.

How do you know me? What comment at what site do you refer to, that you followed to arrive here?


carrie said...

i think it was through my blog

steven edward streight said...

Oh, had not thought of that. Thanks Carrie.

flic said...

No, it was through my blog.