Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lisa Nova on how women castrate men

This is more proof that we don't need celebrities, we've got YouTubers to entertain us now. Average people doing above average art. Bawdy, raw, not in good taste, but so true. Lisa Nova is the Queen of YouTube.

Having no balls is an unfortunate malaise affecting 12 out of 10 corporate executives. No more be half-male! Watch this life-changing film and be set free from demasculinization.

Lisa Nova "Giving up the nuts!!!!!" (4:35)


carrie said...

HA ha

steven edward streight said...

Yeah, I usually stay away from this type of bawdy vulgar humor, but this is so Saturday Night Live, I cracked up laughing.

Lisa Nova rocks.

CK said...

It's tough to say if I like this one better than her competition vid. She's got game :-).

steven edward streight said...

I prefer business humor to sex humor, but this is more relationship humor, right?

Ladies: is Lisa Nova correct?

I need to know!