Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lisa Nova on Competition. Pavement "REM"

This is my favorite kind of video, sarcastic, satirical, self-parodying attack on society. Perfect for CEOs, managers, athletes, pastors, and homeless bums. Everybody competes, right?

Lisa Nova is a major YouTube talent I discovered today, after all the festivities of the Pekin Marigold Festival, at which I bought a COBOL: From Micro to Mainframe (Prentis Hall) book.

Lisa Nova on Competition is like a business seminar and comedy film rolled into one. Remember as you watch: the guy and gal competing PC with each other are applicants for a job. Funny sh_t!

Lisa Nova: "Lisa Nova on Competition" (5;13)

Pavement (live): "REM (unseen power)" (3:47)


Kathryn said...

Lisa Nova is cool and very HOT.
thanks for finding her.

steven edward streight said...

You are visually pleasant and I am waiting for you, Kathryn, to do some funny or angry webcam YouTubey videos, like your sister Carrie does.

Or have you already started?

steven edward streight said...

And yes, Lisa Nova is terrific. She blends the girl next door amateurity with solid professional acting talent. That guy is really good too.

Lisa Nova, Hope is Emo, Very Tasteful, Cutiemish, 1938 Media, MoBuzzTV, the Revver Interns, Brooker, are among my favorite vloggers.

I should do a post round-up of my discoveries. We should do round-ups every month or so on what we find in our digital escapades.