Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Job interview mistake #1 and Ford vlog

JOB INTERVIEW mistake #1:
appear as reclusive know-it-all

"What is your greatest weakness?" the lady personnel manager asked me.

"I take work too seriously, I get too intense. I become a fanatic. My friends say whatever I happen to be doing is, to me, the most important thing on earth. Like video, or blogs, or VoIP." I proclaimed grimly, with the gravity of a leathery bookish old professor.

I was discomforted and somewhat alarmed at hearing scripted popular interview questions charging at me, making the session seem, well, I don't know how to say it, a bit more callous and detached from candid human reality. Still, though, they helped to focus the discussion. Otherwise, I'd go rambling all over the world.

"Other," I continued gravely, with an excessively gloomy look on my face, "people will tell me to loosen up and relax and have some fun. I don't go along with it. Instead, my pride in my work ethic will cause me to alienate myself from them, as though they were insane. I get stubborn and want to finish a project, and perfect it to a mind-blowing extreme of excellance and innovation. I'm all fired up by a joy in the work itself and a self-truncated time crunch."

I shifted nervously in my seat, looking for something to analyze. The office decor was begging to be analyzed, but the grim lack of super advanced technology soured my overall mood suddenly.

She made furious notes as we spoke, probably "What was I thinking, to want to bring this nut into my office?" or "Never never never interview a web hermit tech-crazed mutant, who hasn't worked around physically present human beings since 1985" or "I calm now. I calm now. I calm now."...over and over again 384 times, with rapidly deteriorating legibility as the scrawlings start to exceed the 130 mark.

"How would you define teamwork, then?" she asked. I think the "then" was ad lib, not scripted. The "then" was her feelings getting in the way, she felt like I was too much for her to handle, too much for anyone to even think about employing.

"Teamwork starts with being a good listener," I replied as fifteen business book titles swirled in my memory, coming to my defense. I thought better of quoting them, sensing that that might make me intimidating, too smart for my own britches, or whatever you call it, a know-it-all. "Bringing out the best in each other as you strive to achieve the corporate goal."

Now I thought I sounded like a naive, no business savvy, youthfully inexperienced cultural anthropology grad student. Pious dreams of the innocent savants.

"What's he need me for, if he's really that great?" I bet they all think behind my back when I'm gone.

Ford vlog

Ford is changing. And video blogging is part of it. Using veoh (beta), rather than YouTube, Revver, Google Video, BlipTV, or OurMedia.

Ford Motor Co.'s Bold Moves vlog.

Darwinian power push for innovative corporate communication technologies and creative implementations...before your competitors beat you to it and get all the press and rave reviews, generating good will, and increasing market share and industry leadership perception.

The "engage, debate, and get involved with..." is a nod to blogocombat and user created product.


Survival of the fittest. That's the challenge facing Ford today. "Bold Moves" puts you at the heart of the story, letting you engage, debate, and get involved in what's happening at Ford right now.



Brian Clark said...

I hate interview questions like that :)

And, actually, you can find the Bold Moves stuff in Google, YouTube, Yahoo Video and other places as well :P

steven edward streight said...

I don't know what you mean by "interview", since I have not worked around physically present human beings since 1985.

I a iout kinda guy.

// my first program in C++

#include >iostream<
using namespace std;

int main ()
cout << "Hello Your Nothingness!";
return 0;

carrie said...

you must know that in job interviews people want you to say exactly the right answer, even if you are lying through your teeth. telling the truth =death.