Monday, September 25, 2006

input value check

Success on the web, in the blogosphere, in videocasting? Each person and company has its own definition and desired results. But there is a standard pattern to becoming web savvy, blogospherical, and videocommerce adept.

You must do certain things, some of them unpleasant, or time-consuming, to get good at it.

When you first discover the internet, web, blogosphere, and videosphere, you get excited and confused. It takes a little time to fully understand what's going on, the etiquette and terminology, the leaders and theorists. The cream of the crop and the bottom feeding slime.

To speak intelligently about the blogosphere, you really need to operate and maintain your own blog, and contribute user-generated content via comments, to enrich other blogs and become a known entity in the blogosphere.

You must also engage in blogocombat of some form, get tangled up in a serious debate, one that lasts weeks or months, until you achieve victory. No matter how nice, professional, or prissy your blog may be, you will at some point have to clobber a trouble-maker, defend your beliefs, or answer an accusation. Everyone gets flames and player haters online. It comes with the territory.

I highly recommend you read top quality blogs.

You may start with the blogs in my sidebar. Visit them and observe what they do, how they write, what multi media they're experimenting with or discussing. My blogroll contains either the most popular or the most respected thinkers in the several categories. A few are just cool, or are personal friends of mine.

Get smart fast by reading books on blogging, HTML, web design, web usability.

Compare your thinking with what the experts, specialists, leaders are saying. Give serious consideration to what they say, compare it with your experiences. Study web theoreticians like Jakob Nielsen, Doc Searls, Peter Merholz, Debbie Weil, David Weinberger, Dave Winer, Evan Williams, Seth Godin, Christopher Locke, Tom Peters, Laura Ries, Jason Calacanis, and John Battelle.

I call this multifaceted process described above: Input Value Check. You check the value of your mental input, by gazing in austerity at your output, your blog posts, your comments posted at other blogs, your Skype VoIP conversations, your video chat, your videos, your emails.

You contemplate what you've been communicating, assessing the value of it.

You pause to consider what your opinions are about certain topics.

You question how you arrived at these conclusions. You wonder if you need to learn more. You consider how you may have issued rash or easily misunderstood statements recently.

You look hatefully at yourself. What are you doing wrong? What is alienating people? What is lacking in what you provide your readers? What do they really need, aside from what you want to give them?

You gaze in hatred at your blog, the colors, the design, the content, everything. You hate it before your enemies can. Then you can change it, improve it, make it keep evolving.

Despise your videos. Assault the way you move, your facial expressions, your tone of voice. Be as critical and harsh as possible. If necessary, force a family member or friend to watch your videos hatefully, and invite them to freely disparage and mock them to their heart's content.

Then, after accumulating sufficient hostility, slurs, slanders, slinging of mud and worse, you must set to work correcting and improving everything, using your best judgment as to who was wise and who was just attacking you personally, out of jealousy or revenge.

I sometimes hate my blog so much, I want to kill it. Luckily, it overpowers and disarms me, rendering me harmless and unable to fulfill my intentions.

I wanted to change "Vaspers the Grate" into "He" or "Him". I wanted to drain my blog of the poisoned blood of ego and self, replacing it with the air of the downtrodden zone.

A blog called "He", with the same URL as it has now, but with this title change.

"He said..." rather than "Vaspers the Grate said..."


Humour and last laugh said...

Make it 'His Majesty.'

Mr Angry said...

I don't so much get overpowered by my blog but it has perfected the art of staring me down. If I ever think I'm in control it gives me this "what you lookin' at punk?" attitude until I knuckle under to its wishes.

steven edward streight said...

Make it: "It has been said that..." rather than "He said..." or "Vaspers said..."

Mr. Angry: you'll like my next post, with anger a topic.