Sunday, September 17, 2006

inner blogging

When you publish a new post to your blog every day, for a long time, something happens inside you. You become a different person. You change within, and others may see the results in your life.

You become a blog. You start saying things like you were writing a blog post. You tend to be more sensitive, more alert, more introspective. You see something on the news and you want to quote it in your blog. You "write" it in your mind, and later add it to a post.

Inner blogging: when your thoughts are like posts.

It's like when I used to make underground video films. When I used a video camcorder much of the day, day after day, working on a film, even when I was not using the camera, I felt like a camera. I saw things through my inner lens. I even sort of "recorded" things in my mind, in an internal video camcorder. At times I imagined my eyes could zoom in on objects. I framed visual input mentally.

Have you noticed this in your life? Do you "blog internally" even when you're not on the computer? Do you tend to have more opinions now? Are you more confrontational and blunt? Are you a better debater or researcher since you started blogging?

Inner blogging: your mind becomes a blog, and your sensory impressions are the posts. Your entire life seems like an ongoing "blog" of sorts. Blogging is then like praying. You are constantly "publishing" new "posts" to your inner consciousness.

The remarks of other people are like "comments" posted to your inner blog.

Inner blogging: there is no division between your blog and your brain. They are one.


Noah Brier said...

Absolutely. I actually believe the most important thing about the internet is that it gives us a better metaphor to understand the way our brain functions. This metacognition allows us to become more efficient thinkers. Knowing that I do not need to file things away in my brain like a hierarchical file structure means I'm more open to move across traditional boundaries and consume information from a wide variety of sources.

I touched on some of these topics in an old post called "I used to think like windows explorer".

steven edward streight said...

Noah: I'm glad that someone understands what I mean.

My next post will clarify further. Will check out your post. Thanks.

carrie said...

it's cool to have this discussed like it's normal. "normal" non-bloggers think i'm just wasting my time and that blogging is entirely pointless and unnecessary and of no benefit.

steven edward streight said...

Carrie: I have a friend who obsessively bitches about my blogs and videos, making false assumptions about my motives and financial matters.

People who attack are generally lazy, stupid, mediocre, self-loathing, and have nothing better to do.

In the book Videoblogging that I bought a few days ago, a vlogger is asked about what his friends think, and he said that people are not very interested in his video projects, they just want to talk about THEMSELVES.

Tiny minds pre-occupied with self, which is illusory and unstable.

Cheer up. To blog is to think and to express ideas, just be thankful you have the freedom and the discipline to do it.

I need to post more articles on this subject. YOu've inspired me, as usual.

My first muse.

Jecklin said...

I'm certainly down with ya'll on this. especially vlogging. It took some time however, for me to stop doubting and asking myself, what the heck am I doing? followed by long list of self sabotage.

I think I've always thought as you describe, Vaspers, but blogging (even if on the surface they are odd, little stories) has giving structure and order to this aspect of my mind. I do massage therapy for a living, which after 7 years of work and intense discipline, has transformed my thinking and how I sense things. The blogging has complimented that.

if that makes sense.

Also, there are certain things that are very easy for me to follow through with. Blogging is NOT one of them. I am inclined NOT to blog, however, deep inside there is a part that needs to do this and see it through, and my will is strengthening in the process due to actually seeing it through--regardless.