Sunday, September 03, 2006

I have stared into the source of all change

A change has occured. I don't know how or why. But now I'm upside down, a mirror gone soft, intensely awkward and exploratory inside. It's one of those instant transformations, effortless and startling. Unreal newness now accompanies every decision I make, every thought, every muscle, every dream.

I have changed.

I'm not the same. Nor am I different. A progression, a flow, a moving on to I know not where, like Abraham. I know this: this universe I now inhabit is not the universe I inhabited from yesterday to the day I was born on this earth.

Since I'm a business blogger, I'm forced to add: -- "your company must also experience a cataclysmic upheaval, a cultural revolution, a nightmare crisis that leads to superiority and skyrocketing sales, if it wants to survive the turmoil of the escalating, rapidly multiplying and ideology-wrenching transformations occuring in business today."

No one really comprehends Web 2.0, multi hyper media blogging, videocasting, social networking, and grassroots media. We are loudly groping and shoving each other around as we fight for dominance, influence, and transcendance.

A catastrophic, total mindset-altering change can also occur in an organization of catastrophically changed individuals who cohere in form as a company. It's challenge that changes us. No other thing will do it.

No personal or organizational goals, no books you've read, no motivational speaker, no support group, no mission statement, no dedication will cause radical improvement, substantial enlightened change, in your company. The kind and severity of change that is needed for the wildly evolving and re-orienting environment we live in.

Look deeply into what transfigures an item, what initiates a sudden, necessary, and comprehensive mutation in any entity. Only challenge: an external (1) threat to survival, or (2) an external inspiration for revival.

A thrilling display of talent, athleticism, reasoning, creativity, professionalism, technology, altruism, or humor. This emotionally enrapturing explosion of value makes you yearn to emulate or surpass it. That will cause you to change.

Or an bad twist of fate. An unexpected set-back. A massive failure. A colossal mistake. A humiliating weakness. A public disgrace based on a product or personality defect...even a single triumphant cheer, an enthusiastic "Yeeeehawww!" on the campaign trail.

Nothing else can cause fundamental change in a person or organization. But the re-establishment of a new and paralyzing comfort zone, based on the new rules and realities, can cause even the most profound and positive change to fail.

Sometimes a change occurs that, even though associated with some challenge, seems to be detached from its context. Fated. Willed by mysterious forces of the subconscious or the path you tread.

Change. It occurs to all. Better to seize it, master it, and harness it for the common good and your own success...than to shun it, fear it, and be victimized by living in a world you cannot understand or function within.

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