Sunday, September 03, 2006

I Have Changed VIDEO

Vaspers: "I Have Changed" (4:05)
[Background = CompuMusik "Return of the Lost Astronaut"]


Mr Angry said...

Dude, you should have been smoking a hookah in that video. It's the perfect accesory for change.

steven edward streight said...

Change frightens people, especially radical personal transformation.

To many, it's an impossibility. They repeat the brain-dead mantra: "That's just the way I am."

They think their personality is carved in stone, or sunk like iron beams in a foundation of concrete.

When you hear someone say, "That's just the way I am" it's not the self speaking.

It's the spooky ventriloquism of the entrenched habits mobilizing the victim's vocal chords and mouth to articulate their strong grip on the victim's inner life.

Actually, everything around us is changing rapidly, from nature to technology.

carrie said...

i recently read a quote that said something along the lines of:

if you want to change your life, change something you do every day.

steven edward streight said...

Yes, we are 94% habits, perpetual thought patterns spawned by partial information and self interest, and 3% insanity, and 1% personality.

Changing something you do, installing a new habit, or eliminating a non-helpful routine, initiates a change in our deeper zones of personality.

To wield the self as a tool, weapon, and ladder to the stars is the end of human drama. I guess...