Monday, September 18, 2006

Google's King of Blogocombat

I checked it to re-assure myself today. Yes. I'm still the reigning king of blogocombat, according to Google. Only this time, I owned the first two pages, in their entirety, ALL the first 30 results for "blogocombat" [sans quotes] were posts on my sites, or were written by me and published on other blogs as comments. There are even some of my YouTube videos appearing in the results page.

I looked at it again and I owned ALL 5 pages, 60 105 results, with the exception of 1 by Robert Scoble and 1 by Humour and Last Laugh (who mentions "Vesper the great"), and then I got sick and tired of seeing so many of my posts in one place, I bailed out. Maybe I'm the only one who says "blogocombat" and so I own the first 36 million results?

I have achieved SEO purity and victory, the natural way.

Would you like to own a term in your industry, or specialized niche?

So that: when anybody types in that word or phrase, YOU appear to be the dominating leader, the universal expert, the triumphant sage, the wisest scholar, the most credible and reliable source of info!

The leading supplier! The most prolific authority! The best and most trustworthy reference! The KING of your niche or industry. Your musical sound or artform. You are the One to go to, to buy from.

SE domination can be very lucrative and strategic. Think about it. They see you first and foremost. In my case, web surfers see ONLY ME for quite a while.

Here then is my #1 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tip: forget SEO.

I use no SEO techniques, but I own, and have owned, some blogological terms that I intended to own. I do not spamdex, I simply type whatever I know about blogocombat, and I post about that topic frequently. At a wide range of blogs, not just my own myopically. The frequency and range are due to I Am The King of Blogocombat.

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Humour and last laugh said...

Yes you are Steven. But watch out for the republicans. And thanks, I look for more such ads on adsense on my blog.