Thursday, September 07, 2006

experimentation and business survival VIDEO

Experimentation is the #1 business survival skill today.

Not team-conformity, or goals-setting.

Not negotiation, or perpetual improvement with zero defects from day one. Trial-and-Error, the Scientific Method is the key to making sure your business will be around in the future, will enjoy a continued existence.

You want to survive? As a job seeker, client accumulator, activist organization, business operation?

I think we could all shout yes and amen to that. But test yourself. You want to survive? Prove it.

How many experiments are you conducting right now then? Your desire to survive and succeed is directly proportional to your experimental activity. If you're sticking to the same old communications and distribution tech and worn-out, no longer effective marketing ploys, your business is a walking dead thing.

What are you toying with? What are you curious about? If you master it before your competitors do, you could gain massive results in customer loyalty, increased buzz and sales, market share, and industry leadership.

Trying something new, advanced, untested, unproven, recklessly pioneering the unexplored territory...for transitory, accumulative competitive advantage.

These are the Big 3 of Business in the digital age:

* communication: VoIP, video chat, blogs, CEO vlogs, online forums, podcasts, mp3s, web conferencing, haptic immersive telepresencing, remote control of external world variables.

* cost-control: via innovation, rather than payroll shrinkage, downsizing, and offshore outsourcing which are counter-productive for Perfect Quality: First Time, All the Time manufacturing.

* collaboration: glogs (geopsychic assistive tech logs), wikis, team blogs, employee blogs, user generated content products (e.g., Digg, Post Secret, YouTube), intranet project blog platforms, video chat pow wows.

Experimentation in these, and many other avenues, is now mandatory, not for market dominance and industry leadership, but for simple survival. The companies that are in big trouble are the ones who did not adjust themselves to where the customer was going to BE in 6 years or 6 months.

They refused to experiment, to explore, to exchange wild ideas with other extreme thinkers. The doomed companies that are sinking fast, they were lulled to sleep in a comfort zone that deteriorated as they slumbered in tradition and legendary tales of past success, which was more luck than pluck.

Watch this "life changing" film now...and be transformed.

Vaspers: "experimentation and business survival" (4:22)


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