Tuesday, September 26, 2006

ego arrogance and blogs

Yesterday, I stumbled upon two crystal clear indications of profound egotistic arrogance.

Derrida touches upon the idea of narcissism: blindness due to seeing nothing but the self. Other people don't fully exist. They simply trigger fond recollections of self and the adventures of self. You've heard the expression "he's so full of himself" or "she's so stuck on herself".

Here are the two prime examples of narcissism, egotism, and arrogance. Caution: these are truly off the scale, really "out there".

(1) A former CEO of a large corporation was being interviewed on television. When the interviewer asked him what his greatest achievement was, he said "My introduction of Six Sigma total quality control blah blah blah".

But when the interviewer asked what his greatest failure or mistake was, suddenly the CEO gets all fucked in the head acting, and says, "Well, gosh, that's a tough one. I like to focus on the good things. Well...(pause)...we should not have..."

Interviewer interrupts him: "You're saying WE all of a sudden."

CEO: "You never make a decision on your own..."

Interviewer: "Yes, but when I asked what was the greatest thing you did at [company name], you took the credit. When I asked about the worst thing you did, you included others, and avoided personal responsibility..."

This CEO was like any urban gangbanger or hick town hoodlum.

No accountability for strategic errors, unethical practices, or poor business decisions. I hate to tell you the clinical prognosis: no conscience, thus purely amoral (no right or wrong).

Nothing a murderer, con artist, politician, or religious leader does is ever "wrong". These domineering freaks have no sense of "right" and "wrong", "good" and "evil", or "correct" and "incorrect". They are never inappropriate, improper, or misguided. Unless they can blame it on others.

They always "do the best" they can do. Is that a lie? Have you ever spent one single day doing your very best, in every way, at everything you did? Can you say you have zero regrets? I think normal humans have regrets and things they wish they could have done better.

But leaders are generally not human. They are myopic, misanthropic, self-centered egotists. They clawed and chewed their way to the top. You'd be repulsed by what they ate and who they clawed, but that makes them different from you or me. They don't care.

They succeed at any cost. They not only beat the others, they often wish to totally destroy their competitors, so they dominate the whole industry, capture the entire market. Not just triumph, but triumph with gleeful, exhilarating, complete annihilation of all other players.

Watch your leaders. Almost all of them do it. They're scamming us and we let it happen. This is why the slightest deviation is severely condemned and punished. Conformity is enforced via media, peer groups, schools, professional training, and family.

The #1 rule is "Obey and Never Question Your Leaders."

This slavish conformity to the Powers That Pretend To Be causes these egomaniacs to then develop further and more astonishing delusions of grandeur. Because we meekly follow them to disaster. The leaders are thrilled to exercise such power, and will not gladly relinquish it, even in failing health and extreme old age.

Psychotic serial killers, pastors, politicians, and CEOs share the same attitude: "I have no regrets. I did the best I could, given the information I had and the circumstances I was in. I did nothing wrong."

(2) On a religious radio listener call-in program, Pastor Donald Cole takes questions from the audience. Every time someone asks a question, he goes off on a narcissistic tangent, yakking and jabbering in a smug tone of voice about HIS experiences, and HIS opinions, and HIS interpretation of the Bible, and HIS feelings, and HIS ideas, and HIS life conduct.

A caller asked him about "anger". Now wouldn't you think a real pastoral counsellor would ask the person what he specifically wanted to know about "anger"? What are the caller's current problems with "anger"? Is he hot tempered for no good reason? Is he angry at how evil a boss is? Is he angry with the war in Iraq? What is the personal issue here?

Nope. Pastor Cole just rambled on and on about himself.

CONCLUSION: Let's not imitate these losers in our blogs and videos. Let's reach out to our audience, respond to their comments and emails, and be supportive of our loyal allies and random strangers.

Let's focus on others, and point our thinking caps in their direction.

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