Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dice Advanced Job Search Engine

Dice sent me an email today alerting me to their new Dice Advanced Job Search Engine.

You can search by Zip Code | State/Country | Metro Area | Area Code.

I entered my zip code, selected a 10 mile radius [5-75 mile range]. Later, I'll try searching by country, to see a national scope of opportunities related to what I do.

You can Search Telecommuting Jobs Only, and you can search by Employment Type (Full Time, Contract Corp to Corp, Contract Independent, Contract W2, Contract to Hire Corp to Corp, etc.).

Top navbar features Search Jobs | MyDice | MyResume | Search Agents | Saved Jobs | Training | Resources | Certification.

NOTE: Way up near top of page, under top navbar and above Location Options, to the right of the Enter Keywords: text entry box, there is a Send Feedback on New Job Search Engine link. Very good to invite comments this way, on a a new web site feature.

I typed in single keyword search terms, like: (1) web (2) marketing (3) digital (4) advertising, and so on. I'll try IT, information, technology, and other SEO keywords.

I enter single keywords, rather than job titles, because the specificity of the job title (e.g., web usability analyst) would be too confining, narrowing my search too much.

When I see job positions advertised for anything remotely related to what I do, for example "Senior Mainframe Programmer/Analyst", "SAP Consultant", "Project Manager (Lotus Notes)", "Systems Designer", " Developer", or "Senior Developer .NET" (actual job titles on Dice), I will contact the companies.

Not because I have those job skills, but because my skills are related to the IT department and the marketing departments. When IT department jobs are available, that means the company is expanding operations, or replacing personnel, but either way, they may have a need for what I do.

As I seek new clients for my web usability, web content creation, and digital marketing services, I'm trying various approaches, both online and offline.

Biggest problem is describing what I do, who I am. I'm so many things, and I like them all, pretty equally.

Who I Am:

* web content creator (blue: hyperlink color)

* blogologist (orange: Ukraine democracy revolution color)

* marketing consultant (green: money color)

* videocaster (red: human blood color)

* technical writer (black: print publication color)

* web usability analyst (purple: intuitive interface color)

* user observation test administrator (brown: down to earth color)

How can I make a job seeking video? a client solicitation video? This is a challenge I must now explore.

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