Saturday, September 16, 2006


Tom Peters, the #1 business consultant and marketing guru, is on a rampage. (See Fortune Innovation blog "How to Build an Innovation Machine").

"Destroy!" he screams at the "idiot CEOs" and "management mediocres". Tom claims that, due to stubborn resistance to change and innovation, it's easier to just destroy a business operation than to try to improve it.

I have frequently argued that CEOs are the blind leading the blind, in far too many cases.

Look at the typical response to fierce competition:

(1) massive layoffs: blaming the "excessive number of workers"

(2) offshore outsourcing: making the product cheaper and inferior

(3) reluctant, automated, de-prioritized service: demoting the importance of customers (your only true profit center)

(4) health benefit cuts: working your employees to death, then denying health care

(5) eliminate pension plans: working your employees to old age, then killing them with poverty as "thanks for your service to us".

(6) blame the IT department: attacking what you're too stupid to understand or control

All these mistaken routes will only cause the stupid corporations to fail more quickly.

Tom Peters says the problem with GM and other companies who are punishing the hard, loyal workers is not the workers, not the rising health care costs, not the union wages, not the foreign competition, not unfair trade agreements and tariffs.

The main problem is: nobody wants to buy your products anymore. They suck.

Whenever I feel I'm perhaps "too harsh" and "overly critical", I go read a book or blog or PDF by Tom Peters. He's so aggressive, confrontational, and combative, he makes me look like a lukewarm little sissypants.

Question Authority.

Rebel Against Tradition.

Fire the Safe Thinkers.

Shun the Mediocres.

Resist Your Habits.

Be Other Than Your Sorry Self.

Challenge Your Mind.

Try New Things Fearlessly.

Be Reckless and Bold.

Fail Faster and More Often.

Criticize Everything and Everyone.

Upset the Apple Cart.

Rock the Boat.

Sink the Ship.

Get up, move out, and DESTROY!!!

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