Monday, September 04, 2006

change and authenticity

Change is being forced on all of us.

Few are actually choosing to change due to a genuine spirit of continual improvement. Such a spirit enters only clean vessels.

Most of us change when have no other choice. When our plans backfire, or when a sector of an allegedly integrated belief system suddenly collapses and disintegrates.

Either we see the competition or neighbor moving ahead, sweeping past us, leaving us in the unenlightened dust...or we see where things are headed, like social media marketing, and are determined to "get there fastest with the mostest".

We, as individual, corporation, religious faith, educational group, technological sector, political party, or nation, are 94% habits, perpetual thought patterns spawned by partial information and self interest, and 3% insanity, and only 1% personality.

The insanity, a mere 3% of our personhood, sets up automatic pre-selected gestures, articulations, and planning stations to forcibly enact, in a seemingly natural manner, our stupid, vain, or domineering foibles. Since we are all doing this, or having it done to us by that wiley 3%, we fit in okay and function smoothly as an antiquated, dysfunctional, self-defeating society or individual human.

Personality sees itself as merely coloring for the massive, pervasive mental-behavioral habit complex, structured like a circus of superficially controllable presentations through voice, inscription, and activity.

But the 1%, pushed by the accumulated forces of raw reflex action, rushes to the forefront of conscious encounters to preside in a thin and flimsy disguise. It succeeds in the self-deception that it represents the true untainted self.

The actual human-potential or super-self, that which is truer and mightier than reason or imagination, resides within as an indecently dethroned supremecommander, you'll find it likes lurking around the edges, seeking a secret unguarded sufficiently path into the strike zone, the decision center control tower.

To its shock and bemusement, the path appears upon the concussion of craving colliding with challenge, threat or inspiration, an overwhelming catastophic fracturing of ego fortress.

Down it crumbles, temporarily, like a psychic 9-11, and out jump the flaming patterns and ratty attitudes.

True self enters, assumes rightful dominance, and a leap forward has occured on top of all the usurped debris, which usually re-congeals and hovers in mutiny, seeking its own entrance to the throne of Will.

The other way that positive, constructive change occurs in an individual person or organization is by introducing alien policy that is strictly and fairly enforced. Innovation and rehabilitation of broken mechanisms can be commanded into being.

A swift, unreasonable, unswerving decision to break out into a bizarre, new territory, like:

* personal blogging / CEO blogging

* intranet project collaboration blogging

* netlabel distribution of your music mp3s

* podcasting

* product downloads available on site

* videocasting / video chat / web conferencing

* Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

* online event registration / email newsletters

Whatever you see as a pressing need or untapped potential, you can simply declare it do-able, and help yourself and others to achieve it. You learn about it, experiment with it, and judge it harshly to perfect and then display or distribute it.

Putting up anything and everything, an anarchy of self-expressive arrogance or grandiose delusion, is the act of a vain, self-centered entity. Severe self-criticism, accompanied by swift fixing, is the key to strategic authenticity.

Whatever lies closest at hand, change that.

Whatever makes you stretch, use that.

The door that leads to a whole new environment, enter that.

The sky that contains unfamiliar constellations, zoom toward that.


Humour and last laugh said...

Your emphasis on changing self is admirable and is the basis of excellence in human endeavours.
But I mostly meet the people who insist on changing everything around them but themselves. what about you?

steven edward streight said...

When you say they insist on changing everything around them, I wonder if you refer to tyrants, control freaks, and domineering persons?

I have seen that.

But changing your environment will have subtle or large-scale impact on self, which is seduced into conformity or antagonized into rebellion, by environmental conditions and episodes.

One change I'm making is to thoroughly clean and organize my office. High speed multi-tasking, doing many things simultaneously, almost frenziedly at times, causes piles to proliferate.

I will cleanse my inner focus by purging and tidying my outer accouterments

Humour and last laugh said...

Hey. I meant what kind of people you meet. Not what changes you are makimg with self. But you told without feeling offended, is really remarkable.

steven edward streight said...

The people I meet? That's basically the only people I mean when I say people.

The people I meet don't want to change anything but me. They want to change me into something I am not, for their purposes.

They don't want to tamper with anything around them. They want to maintain and defend established routines, no trespassing comfort zones, familiar traditions, easy slidings by, pampered privileges, customer insensitivities, lazy mediocrity, and alibi lullabyes.