Wednesday, September 27, 2006

CEO blog topic suggestions

Why would a CEO wonder what to blog about? The CEO should be the most passionate, articulate, informed, optimistic, realistic, and dreamy employee in the organization. CEOs are hired to provide Leadership, which is nothing more than Visionary Service.

Here are some suggestions on what a CEO could communicate to his or her audience.

(1) Professional Origins: How you got interested in your field of expertise.

(2) Personal Motivations: Why you're so fanatically devoted to your customers, your employees, and your industry.

(3) Company History: How your organization rose to prominence, famous users, setbacks and lessons learned.

(4) Industry News: Your view on the hot new technologies, management techniques, customer relationship, or quality control methods that are proving effective for your company. Discuss where you see the industry evolving, how your company plans to triumph in an uncertain, rapidly changing environment.

(5) Hoaxes and Con Jobs: Explain how people can spot forgeries, counterfeits, faulty products, unscrupulous vendors, fly-by-night practitioners.

(6) How To Tips: Provide useful, practical secrets on how to do something related to your products, distribution, sales, employee relations, public speaking, innovation.

(7) Personal Insights: Talk about your favorite movies, books, authors, musicians, poets, packaging designers, business consultants, artists, comedians, peace activists, philosophers, mystics, software programs, outdoor activities, participatory sports, leisure pursuits...and tie the description in with some universal life principle or business strategy.

(9) Office Politics: Explain how you survive and triumph in the corporate jungle. Give pointers to new executives on the way up, housewives entering the workforce for the first time, older employees who are uptight about change, how to deal with mediocre performers who drag others down.

(10) Blogospheric Adventures: Link to your favorite blogs and explain why you like them.

(11) Product Clarifications: Are there features, benefits, or capabilities related to your product, that many customers are unaware of or confused about? Find out what they are, then proceed to enlighten.

(12) Customer Appreciation: Discuss customer profiles, who your customers tend to be, who you feel could benefit from what your company does, what consumer research reports and surveys reveal.


Jim Estill said...

Great suggestions. Part of the key is to think "what would the reader be interested in that I am currently involved in"

steven edward streight said...

That is the real basis of blogging, no matter what type: personal, business, CEO, art, music, hobby, club, etc.

I get many blog post ideas from comments and emails from visitors to my blog.

Another technique I use is to Copy a comment I'm about to post to another blog, when my comment is complex and well written. I use my browser functions to Copy the comment, prior to posting it, especially if comment moderation with delayed posting is in effect.

Then, I Paste the comment into my blog post template, and maybe rework it a bit, then voila: I have a new post to share with my readers.

I do this quite often, and I think much of my best writing is in the form of user-generated content (comments) at other blogs.

So I transfer it over to my blog by the Copy and Paste technique.