Monday, September 18, 2006

avant garde video by Got a Shot of Inner Fuel

Ipostedthi svideow ithnotexta tfirs tbutnowIc ansaythi s: PURE GENIUS > > > but wish the musi c would have gone onandonandon.

"Episode 4: Is That A Cigarette In Her Mouth?" (2:40)


Kathryn said...

that was sad.

Jecklin said...

Thanks for the generous words, Steven. Means alot coming from you.

And Kathryn, thank you, too.

I think I've made it clear enough, but given the talk on transparency, blog core values etc, I will reiterate--it is a story...not real. I'm not trying to take anyone in through deceptive practices.

That said, on another level, to me it is more than a story; it is something very personal and real. Confessional, ideal are those true writers and film makers...keyword: my IDEAL...those I LOVE...and, and you know--that one was liberating for me, touched deep inside while making so that the division between fiction and reality fell apart...although objectively IT IS A STORY!

Thanks again!