Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Avant Garde Music TV: episode #4

The Normal "TV OD" (2:56)
Classic punk art rock single.

386 DX "California Dreaming" (3:01)
The computer is the music "band". Very weird and funny.

Bruce Haack "Electronic Music Pioneer" (3:43)
Children are all avant garde, they like weird music and funny noises.

Stones Throw Singers "Rain of Earth" (4:33)
Sun Ra, Peanut Butter Wolf, Gary Wilson do a Bruce Haack song.

Terry Riley "Live in Japan 1999" (4:02)
Pioneer minimalist with just intonation and exotic playing.

Tangerine Dream (1976) "Live on Barock 3" (7:50)
Classic electro band, back when they were still astonishing.

BBC South "Theremin" (3:22)
Documentary on the only musical instrument you don't touch.

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