Sunday, September 24, 2006

Avant Garde Music TV: episode #3 John Cage

John Cage is the most popular and famous of all the 20th century avant garde music composers. A theoretician and performer, he influenced more musicians than the Beatles. In my opinion.

Anyway, here's the Jimi Hendrix of musical theory, the I Ching anarchist sound rebel John Cage, in a video format.

John Cage is like the CEO of 20th Century Avant Garde Music. What can a CEO or personal videoblogger learn by watching and listening to a successful, innovative, unorthodox, maverick leader in the realm of serious art music and music theory?

We begin with a lively performance of one of Cage's works.

John Cage "In the Name of the Holocaust" (2:00)
Margaret Leng Tan plays prepared piano.

John Cage, David Tudor, Roland Kirk
"Sound" (1966-67) Pt. 1 (9:34)

John Cage, David Tudor, Roland Kirk
"Sound" (1966-67) Pt. 2 (8:37)

John Cage, David Tudor, Rolank Kirk
"Sound" (1966-67) Pt. 3 (6:28)

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1 comment:

Jecklin said...

Back in college I was in the library one day, randomly searching through obscure books of poetry and art when I discovered a book by John Cage.

I had been mainly influenced by Whitman and the Beats, and was just beginning to explore the Black Mountain poets, Charles Olson, Robert Duncan, Oppen etc and their idea of poetry/language as a field. I became fascinated by Cage.

I immediately checked out the only Cage cd I could find. I was so disappointed in it...I had these took a couple of weeks of weeks to realize my expectations were the problem I was faced with when listening to Cage.

anyway, excellent stuff.