Saturday, September 23, 2006

Avant Garde Music TV: episode #2

Here's this edition's dose of the musically weird and brilliant, wild and bizarre, whacked-out and bedazzling. Each item is fun to watch and good to hear. Enjoy! Suggestions welcome.

"Society of Sponges" (2:30)

Emergency Broadcast Network
"Electronic Behavior Control System" (4:33)

weltklang "moving electronics" (3:12)

Half Japanese "The Band That Would Be King" (6:59)

Ornette Coleman Quartet w/James Blood Ulmer, guitar
"Roma 1974 #1" (7:48)

Electronic Zebra: Colecovision (1:50)

Worm Underground live set (2:06)

weltklang "weltklang@zwischenfall" [2006] (3:29)

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