Friday, September 22, 2006

Avant Garde Music TV: episode #1

Welcome to Avant Garde Music TV. Here we will observe and hear the most interesting pioneers, innovators, and rising new stars in experimental music.

This is episode number one.

Pierre Henry "Psyche Rock" [1967] (2:47)
One of my favorite music concrete/electro composers.

The Residents "Jailhouse Rock + Wonderful" (4:26)
Most influential electro avant art band in music history.

"Discovering Electronic Music: Pt. 1" (9:15)
education film 1983 from AutomaticGainsay

Karlheinz Stockhausen - from racon
"Stockhausen Interview" (7:08)

Rupert Chappelle "Jackrabbiting the Pyramid Complex" (7:16}
Plays a Theremin and other weird electro toys.

L'Homme Aux 1000 Visages (TGOS)
Entrevoir - live from THEGROOVEOFSATYRE (4:20)

Asmus Tietchens
"Zweite Dammerattacke" (9:17)

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