Friday, September 22, 2006

#1 noise music secret and CompuMusik DET promo VIDEO

The most important thing to keep in mind when composing, performing, and recording computer generated noise concertos is this:

Keep It Moving (or Floating) and Keep It Contrasting.

I. Motion Music

You need to keep it floating, or charging, or morphing, or something. The noise must go somewhere, something should happen to it, slowly or rapidly, smoothly or abruptly, quietly or loudly. It should begin very different from where it ends. A sense of direction and movement toward a goal. So listeners feel like they've been taken somewhere different. It starts, it moves, it arrives.

II. Floating Music

Or do the opposite, if you can.

A lump of musically treated air that just sits there, just hangs like a paralyzed cloud in the sonic atmosphere, can also be interesting, though much harder to do. Try it.

Try to make "motionless" music that remains entertaining for a long duration. The key to that static, non-dynamic, stationary music is to have an ambient sound cluster that can drift like a kite, bobbing up and down in the same spot, never going anywhere, just dancing at a fixed location.

III. Contrasting Sounds

If you have a low tone bass background, add some shrill high pitched flute, bird, or baby sounds, for contrast.

Too many clusters of sounds all in the same frequency, pitch, tone, or texture will ruin a song. But simply pairing two or three contrasting sound events will add much complexity, enrichment, and sense of design to your composition.

EXTRA TIP: Semi Morphs

One of my favorite techniques is to change a song, ala Stereolab, in the middle of it. I call it "semi morphing" because you go semi, halfway through, then transform the thing.

So that the song is really two songs, the second half being a clear departure, a massively changed, un-variant of the first half. Give a song two separate movements. This gives your audience "two for the price of one".

It's akin to Seth Godin's admonition to always provide a "free prize inside" of every product or service, an unexpected bonus.

You do that, and you'll rule. Just be patient, and stick to the business of fulfilling your dreams. Life will manage the rest for you, if you get out of the way, stand tall, move fast, change direction in an instant, keep getting back up from a fall, learn perpetually, and DO SOMETHING, do anything, about your biggest problems or opportunities.

CompuMusik (composer: Steven e Streight)
"dark electronic tunnel PROMO" (2:48)

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