Wednesday, August 02, 2006

WSJ: new amateur media elite

"WSJ:Moguls of New Media"
by John Jurgensen
July 29, 2006

Don't whine about how the current stars dominate the entertainment business. Do your own thing, get it online, and see what happens. "Brookers", the WSJ Crossover Star from MySpace is described as performing "unselfconsious antics". Abandon your fears and do something.


The greatest hope of most Web amateurs is to cross over into "old media" outlets like TV networks and Hollywood. The flagship crossover star in digital entertainment is known by one name: Brookers.

Type the word "Brookers" into the search field of, and a list of some 1,240 videos will appear. Thirty-one of them are videos made by 20-year-old Brooke Brodack of Holden, Mass., who has posted a range of videos starring herself under the screen name "Brookers." In large part, the other 1,200 or so are Brookers tributes, critiques and imitations, posted by Ms. Brodack's fans and detractors in response to the clips she's made.

Though Ms. Brodack's videos have a distinctly amateur feel -- they feature her lip-synching songs, dancing goofily around her bedroom and occasionally adopting silly character voices -- they inspire a passionate following. Many are drawn to her blend of good looks and unselfconscious antics. But she says she can't explain why her videos have been so popular. "I'll never understand it," she says.


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