Friday, August 04, 2006

why blogocombat is the bomb

It's rad. It's easy. It's the modern new bombastic version of everybody's favorite PoMo clashing and smashing: BLOG-O-COMBAT!

Thrill to the sissies who demand forum registration, blacklisting, moderation, umpires, referees, firefighters, asbestos blogger pajamas, and the most cowardly and censorious of all: the Closing of Comments!

Why blogocombat? Is it just typing hurtful words? Trying to stir up trouble? Jumping on a controversy bandwagon? Stepping on those who have the gall to dare oppose you?

It's all those, and more. Much more.

Blogo-cowardice is unpatriotic to our digital effluvium homeland: the blogosphere. Each blogger and comment poster must draw the line somewhere. "From here, I shall not budge, nor fudge." Throw down. Step up. Move into enemy territory, like Israel into Hezbollah-non. Stand and fight.

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