Tuesday, August 29, 2006

video chatting is the new blogging & Doc Searls VIDEO

Come on, come on, wake up, you wankers!

Video chatting is what all the cool kids and super CEOs are into, for good reason. A live video chat really puts your goods on the line. You either come off as a stupid incoherent dork, or a brilliant affable genius.

Text blogging is for sissies and losers. Podcasting is much more human. But videocasting is the most humanized interaction platform of all. People want to do more than just read your crummy words. They want to hear you and see you in action.

Loren Feldman said he thinks bloggers shy away from videocasting because then we'd see what pathetic nobodies they really are. It's hard to look intelligent and informative on video. Especially unscripted video.

Videos, in most cases, should not be scripted. Scripts kill the whole "in the moment", spontaneous discourse feel. Scripted videos are just text posts being read by some knucklehead in front of a webcam. Thus, no improvement. Unscripted, unrehearsed video seems more raw, realistic, intimate, and candid.

A CEO, specialist, or expert should be full of good information that is easily articulated "on the spot", with no preparation. Who likes prepared press statements? They seem like contrived spin or posing.

Video requires more authenticity and genuine expertise.

Anybody can publish a blog.

Anybody can rip off other people's ideas and re-blog them via copy and paste paraphrase: you copy a post, paste it in your post template, edit it to remove the marks of plagiarism by changing a word or two, voila: instant rip off post for your blog!(--and you don't even know or care what it is you're supposedly talking about!)

No, my friends, this is not real communication!

Text blogs are for dummies. Podcast and Videocast blogs are the real deal.

Don't knock it till you try it. Download a non-corrupted Skype SetUp exe file if you can find one, buy a webcam, hook the USB cord into your hard drive, set up the Tools > Options > Video (beta) for Automatically Turn On Webcam During Chat, and you're set.

For example, if you called me on Skype (ring up name: vaspersthegrate) right now, I'd hear a ringing sound. After making sure I'm not hallucinating again, I'll pick up by clicking the phone icon in the Skype pop up window. Webcam automatically turns on. I can see you and you can see me, as we talk.

Loren did it. You can too.

"My Life is Complete, I Video Chatted with Vaspers"

All I remember is how I could not get a word in edgewise on the topic of Pluto's regaining it's title of "planet", a very serious matter, IMHO. Those disgruntled guys who were not invited to work on the NASA Pluto space probe got together with astronomy text book publishers and banned Pluto from its proper position as a planet in our solar system, the wankers!

Anyway, video posting and video chatting is the ONLY way to blog anymore.

Text blogging, like I said, is for video-disadvantaged technophobes. Evolve. Go beyond textblogging. Move up to video. Webcams are cheap.

Hop on it. Now.

Doc Searls
"at Foo Camp 2003-2" (3:17)

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