Monday, August 14, 2006

user generated content on bathroom walls

Chartreuse was speaking today of how "everything that has user comments added to it is a blog." He said that Flickr, YouTube, and other social web service sites are "blogs", by his unique definition.

Yes. Everything seems to be going "bloggy". Every web service offers a "blog platform and social community", trying to cash in on the bloggy style success of YouTube and MySpace. Unsure nonetheless, this is the meme.

This is the mantra:
"Go Viral.
Enable Comments.
Drink the Kool Aid.
Be Transparent.
Online Community.
Multi Hyper Media.
Multi Word Comma Separated Tags.
Web 2.0"

I think a blog is a simple CMS. A blog is a web site that non-technical people can create, update, maintain, develop, promote, and perform networking. A blog is an easy way to publish content to the web for a global audience.

Comments, of huge importance for interactivity, personalization, and online community building, are still a secondary item. Many excellant blogs do not enable readers to add comments to the posts. I strongly urge all bloggers to enable commenting, but some pioneering bloggers don't: Doc Searls, Dave Winer, Christopher Locke, Jorn Barger.

Some blogs (e.g., one of my role models: Dvorak Uncensored) and web sites (e.g., ResonanceFM)have a forum you can register at and post remarks, but that's a whole different thing. In a forum or bulletin board, you are starting your own topic threads and hoping, by the title, someone will be interested and read them, and maybe comment on them.

Anyway, so Chartreuse is rolling along in his magazine style of huge photo/brief text, talking about how user generated content, aka reader comments, are the important and revolutionary aspect of blogs.

"The future of blogging or my big bet in you"

True. I agree. But I also think there's a lot of hype. "User Generated Content" is now an underwhelming wanker buzzword phrase. Let's see how this concept will be abused for crass commercial or social engineering purposes. How will the unwashed, unswitched-on masses misapply this marvellous notion?

So guess what happens? A blogocombat opponent, David Krug, appends this hilariously true comment:


  1. David Krug Says:

    Dude the best part about your argument is the bathroom wall in this restaurant I just ate at is a blog. It’s all about user generated content and their was a lot of it.


Ha ha ha.




PHOTO: "Implements of Despair", The Hellebore Shew, ResonanceFM

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carrie said...

krug's comment is great. v. funny.

the bathroom wall is a blog.

what is a blog? what a irrelevant question, isn't it? i mean... blog is just a word, right?