Saturday, August 26, 2006

self-marketing neo-markets

John Hagel III, co-author of Net Gain, from his Edge Perspectives blog post entitled -- "Mastering the New Marketing Practices":


Nirvana is the walled garden of direct marketing. It is captured in the mantra of “one to one marketing” – one vendor dealing individually with each customer.

A different approach will be required to succeed in a business landscape defined by the economic shifts described earlier. I describe this marketing approach “collaboration marketing” and define it in terms of three “A’s”:

* Attract – create incentives for people to seek you out.

* Assist – the most powerful way to attract people is to be as helpful and engaging with them as possible – this requires a deep understanding of the various contexts in which people might use your products and a willingness to “co-create” products with customers.

* Affiliate – mobilize third parties, including other customers, to become even more helpful to the people you interact with.

In contrast to the “one to one marketing” mindset of conventional marketing, collaboration marketing requires a “many to one” mindset. The winners in this new world will be orchestrators who can mobilize rich networks of resources to serve customer needs.


"John Hagel III is one of my top 10 favorite marketing authors. Is somebody bringing more cheese-dip? We seem to have run out." - vaspers the grate

My reply to this post was a question about how CEOs and ROI will fit into the new user-controlled share economy, consumer-producers sharing freely and abundantly with users via freeware, free hosting, etc.

No markets or niches, just people helping people.

Or at least that's how I remember it. A bit of gloss and over-amplification, but true nonetheless.

You make electronic music, display the mp3 link, I download it, burn it to a CD. New music cost = ZERO. I have an insight about some solution, write it up in a post on my blog, you read it, you solve a problem with it. Professional consultation cost = ZERO.

I want to buy a new web cam, you reviewed it on E-pinions, I read it, I save money while bypassing all corporate communications and advertising venues. Users sharing products and infotainment with users.

You write a book on blog marketing, I read several free chapters online at your blog, I download the entire e-book as a PDF file, print it out, and don't mind the small $5.95 PayPal charge. Didn't spend a penny on gas or precious minutes fighting shopping crowds.

My comment:

I go with Reverse Markets...or Self-Marketing Neo-Markets, which are users sharing user products with other users via user distribution channels on paid networks, with or without ads, with or without sales hype.

Consumers are now, instantly: producers, editors, publishers, content developers, promoters, distributors, re-mixers, up and down loaders, and...anything else that used to be controlled by Them?

It's our world now, the reign of the anti-consumerism producer-consumer as individuals and in new hybrid complexes.

You, I, We can make our own music (audio editors and softsynths), movies (web video), radio show (internet podcast), art gallery (online exhibition-promotion sites), books (blogs and POD download e-pubs), etc.

Where do "corporations" and "CEOs" and "business models" and "ROI" fit into all this? Or do they? Will they?


carrie said...

i wish i could capture such clear screenshots of my videos as you do. it must be cuz you are using a webcam?

steven edward streight said...

Yes, I am using a web cam with a dinky little 6 foot USB cord, severely limiting my usage of it.

Just upgraded to a much newer model.

Don't buy webcams at WalMart. You get old outmoded models AT A HIGHER PRICE than the newer upgraded versions!

Go to Office Depot for new models and low prices.

I loved your Drive By The Forest video, with your singing a sailing song as trees whizz past. WEIRD. Do a longer version of it. Keep the singing and the video camera scraping noises.