Wednesday, August 02, 2006

secret blogocombat trick 3: trust no one

To succeed in blog debate, what I call blogocombat, trust no one. Never assume that anyone is sincere when they claim to like you or support you. This is not paranoia that I'm advocating, just a street dirty skepticism. Treat people fairly and reveal certain things, but don't give your heart completely to anyone online. It is so easy to fake and manipulate others online, as the predators and con artists will testify, curse their souls. Never assume that you have any loyalty or partnership. Keep everyone at some distance. Don't gush. Test people. See what they do with information. Do they run off and tell your enemy that you plan to kick their ass? Beware of vague promises. Beware of flattery that conceals jealousy or secret hostility. Watch. Listen. Intuit.


AndrewE said...

I'm not sure I understand the difference between paranoia and street dirty skepticism, could you elaborate on that please?

steven edward streight said...

Why, I'd be happy to Andrewe.

A paranoid schizophrenic interprets remarks and actions as being persecutive of them personally.

Pennies on the sidewalk. They ask, "What are they trying to tell me?"

Look at them funny. "What are you looking at me that way for?"

Now a street dirt skepticism is not paranoia, but is the opposite of being gullible.

Gullible people accept all praise as always sincere, they cannot see the subtle nuances and undertones.

Street dirty skepticism occurs after you've been abused by people you trusted and liked.

Paranoia occurs when you seek to blame irrelevant remarks for your own lack of confidence in general.

Paranoia is based on self pity and fear.

Skepticism is based on acute awareness of how fickle people can be and how traitors can deceive.

Maybe Salvador Dali's paranoid-critical method is not so far off after all.

The point is to accept praise and support with reservations, never giving your heart and soul completely to anyone, except your spouse perhaps.

Any jilted lover will agree with me.

Women especially have experienced abuse by insincere men, even men who beat them, then bring roses the next day, until the battered female is brainwashed into thinking it's her fault that she is beat up.