Wednesday, August 23, 2006

player hate (revised) VIDEO

Player hate is jealous attack by a bitter critic who feels guilty when thinking about your efforts and accomplishments. They failed at what you're doing, and they resent your zeal and productivity. "Why do you take so many photos?" they nag. "Blogs and podcasts aren't important!" they sneer. "Your videos prove you're mentally ill!" they scold. "I don't understand what you're talking about" they whine.

Vaspers the Grate
"player hate" [revised] (1:43)

A powerful surveillance & field-insertion UFO that I constructed with spare parts from my DreamRider dream record and playback unit, soon to be available at Circuit City, flying around in our backyard:


Chris Ritke said...

Got it!

Just as long as you're careful flagging someone as a 'player hater' in your mind - you might miss something important.

steven edward streight said...

Player Hate is proven by the inclusion of certain irrational accusations, seething hostility, bullying, and hypocrisy.

I'll post a sequel to this to clarify even further.

You learn nothing from a Player Hater but how mean spirited an envious person can be.

(1) bitterly critical, with seething hostility that is inappropriate for the little thing they are attacking

(2) inconsiderate of your feelings

(3) posting hateful critiques and slurs on public internet forums, like comments at your video upload page at YouTube

(4) they ignore your requests to "put up or shut up", i.e., they trash what you're doing, but they aren't even trying to do their own version as an example of "how you should do it"

(5) they demand that you agree with their negative assessment of your hard work -- crybaby bullies who feel like forcing others to accept their superiority

(6) they call you filthy names if you defend yourself and try to explain why you are experimenting

(7) they threaten to do more, to speak to your boss or spouse or mom about their lunatic point of view about what you're doing