Tuesday, August 22, 2006

MySpace Unraveled helps parents understand

Peachpit has a new book on MySpace available:

MySpace Unraveled
: what it is & how to use it safely.

A Parent's Guide to Teen Social Networking.

192 pages, list price $14.99, copyright 2007.

Check out the very informative MySpace Unraveled review at CNET.

Dangers and opportunities are explained, including how the blogging disciplines (writing, editing, publishing, promoting, networking, etc.) can boost a teen's self esteem, provide practice in marketable business skills, and help to develop online socializing proficiency.

Blogs really can improve a person, and not necessarily lead to perversity and predators. Parents, teens, and business people need to understand all the many facets of blogging and the divergent blog platforms.

Social networking blogs are rising in the same blogosphere as the more isolationist, less social blogs of professionals, CEOs, and consultants. Thus, both blogosectors can benefit and learn from each other.

Personal bloggers can gain sophistication, ecommerce ideas, and promotional savvy from business blogs. Business bloggers can gain personalization, candor, and transparency inspiration from personal bloggers. As we support, challenge, monitor, and encourage each other, the blogosphere increases in value, power, and prestige.

Altruism, helping others, is the pure and primal heart of the blogosphere.


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