Saturday, August 05, 2006

millionaire bloggers

If they did it, so can you.

If they didn't do it, you can't either.

john battelle of federated media


Newsandseduction said...

COULD I too? I find myself lacking in That Killer instinct: that tells when to go for the kill(Profit). Do I too have a chance of developing some business sense? Whenever I tried to make the kill (profit)I ended up making a fool of myself.

steven edward streight said...

ha ha.

The old economy burdens sales with a hunting instinct, instead of a nurturing, consultative altruism.

To kill is to exploit and deprive.

Sales is really, in its best sense, trading value for value. You give them real money and they give you good product.

Do that enough and you become rich.

Best is the indirect, passive, non hype approach for the new online business realm.

Newsandseduction said...

You gave me a great tip. but how do i pay you? or was it free??