Saturday, August 12, 2006

an infinite eternity of books to eat

I love how books smell. I want to read every novel and poetry collection, especially French, surreal, dada, beatnik. I want to read every business and marketing book. I want to read tech books on subjects I have no clue about. I want to devour entire libraries and book stores, chew my way through the text and illustrations, the photos and charts. I want printer's ink to run down my cheek as I swallow whole chapters with glee.

When I was a baby, I was left alone in grandaddy's livingroom. My parents said, "My, little Stevie sure has been quiet for nearly an hour. Let's go see what he's up to." To their shock, I was surrounded by a large number of paperback books, ripping pages out, and eating them. I was happy. Books tasted like candy or something.

Now, I read this on the News and Seduction blog of frequent Vaspers commenter Krishna Bhatt aka Humor and Last Laugh, who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal.

"Me and the books..."


I remain deeply impressed by the wisdom the books promote in a dramatic manner, but also in a hurry to finish them fast, so that I could lay hands on the next one available. This habit has rendered me restive, and unable to focus on the details of things I come across in real life.

Also, I have become perpetually impatient and skeptical of the people and events I come across in real life, as they usually lack the imagination, glamour and drama of the characters and events of a fiction book.

No one was surprised when I performed poorly in studies; as the textbooks - with all their details - remained a nemesis to me throughout. I also do not blame my friends, who suspect that with every book I read I am becoming more reclusive and senile.

To tell you the truth, the age or predictability of life has not diminished my enthusiasm for the books, and I still feel interested to read any book ever published. Be it on the world history, or a science fiction.

Actually the thicker a book is, the more it entices me; never mind who wrote it, or what is its name.

My habit of spending hours in a bookstore or a library vexes my friends. I guess if there were no books around to distract me, the routine job of making a living might have rendered me indifferent to the times ahead.

Even after being such a voracious reader, if you ask me to name a few books and the authors I have read, I may not be able to repeat them spontaneously. In fact, except for a few well-acknowledged and often-repeated names, I do not remember the names of other books or authors.

Also, I remember these names not because I remember having read them, but only because I remember others fondly repeating them. As I told you, I never had the patience for details.


Krishna, I totally agree and understand. I am exactly the same. I hate how boring reality and people are, compared to books.

Books books books...give me an infinite eternity of...BOOOOOOOOOOOOOKs!!!


Paul McEnany said...

You know what I like about this blog?

It makes me feel just a little out of control every time I read it. And, yes, that is a compliment.:)

steven edward streight said...

Paul McEnany: That is one of the niceset things anyone has ever said about my crummy little blog.

I really like the design of your Hee Haw Marketing blog. I was startled the first time I looked at, it kind of punched me in the a nice way.


Paul McEnany said...

Thanks, VTG. That design is purely a product of my severely lacking illustrator skills, or skillz I should say.

Oh, and case you didn't see the reply over at my house, make sure you check out Sufjan's newest album, The Avalanche. Some remixes from Illinoise, and some new stuff, but all friggin' amazing. Great stuff.

Humour and last laugh said...

Thanks steven.