Tuesday, August 15, 2006

immersive haptic telepresencing blogs & loserish mish

Reach out and touch someone. Soon you will. Your immaterial blog will evolve to send commands to physical contraptions that "do things" to your readers.

I just got accepted for the Haptic L discussion list, which means that professionals and academic researchers working in this field will be sending their latest bulletins to my Gmail inbox. I've also been invited to be listed in their Affiliates page, which includes: NASA, US Army, Ford Motor, Raytheon, Carnegie-Mellon, Stanford, Harvard University.

Immersive Medical Telepresence conference
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Sept. 6-7, 2006

Immersive: entering the reader's physical reality and bodily presence.

Haptic: tactile UI technology.

Telepresencing: transmitting a signal from your computer or web site, that materializes in a simulation of your physical embodiment at someone else's computer.

I am against porn, but the pornography industry is an avid early adaptor of all emerging technologies. Teledildonics, according to Wikipedia, is a product line, like Cyberglove, of computer-controlled sex toys, commands are sent at scripted moments (caress, stroke, pump, slap, punch, poke, squeeze, pinch?).

Crazy? Weird? Bizarre? Immoral? Repulsive?

Maybe, but man-chine amour, online orgasmagoria, cyber sexuality, remote pleasuring: it is all true real already, right now.

Sensual Coupling

Whorebots and autof*ckers are here. Now.

Safe Mechanical Sex. No [physically] sexually transmissable diseases. But how about new [emotionally] mechano-erotic networked mental diseases? If a man destroys his computer love machine, has a virtual murder occured? What if they get a digital divorce? Online entitized adultery will have a new twist to it.

The real and the virtual blurring into each other recklessly...and not one single person cares. Implications be damned! they holler. Enter the faux-inevitable Technological Imperative (what can be build must be built and accepted by humanity).

Virtual Sex Machine

Gloves and full embodiments, human skin and muscle simulations compiled from dream lover raw data cake. Dynamorphic Cyber Love Surrogate: all specifications tailored to fit your restlessly changing and compellingly demanding needs.

I've told you many times that all online porn is humans having sex with computers. This reality has moved from the mental to the physical. Your computer, aided by various attachments, is able to touch, vibrate, stimulate, and gratify you. Better than a human, lover, spouse, concubine? You decide.

So as you read the debate going on about blog linking, blog content, blog networking, remember this: soon blogs will be more than textual, audio, and video content. Soon blogs will be getting more close, more intimate with your audience, more than you ever dreamed.

How will CEOs cope with blogs and bloggers that are not only candid and argumentative, but are able to blacken an eye, shake a hand, nurse a wound, or arouse an orgasm?


Bloggers, with few exceptions, we all need to start experimenting with audio and video blogcasts. Blogcasting means your blog becomes, to some degree, a radio station (via podcasts and mp3s) and a televisions station (via videoblog posts and player embeds), as well as a text/image web publishing system.

Learn how to reach your blog audience with:

* text
* photos
* art
* cartoons
* game embeds
* feedrolls from relevant sites
* customized user-trained search engines
* audio: speech
* audio: music
* audio: radio theatre
* audio: sales presentations
* video: sales presentations
* video: posts and replies/comments
* video: product selection guidance and sample display
* video: product feature/benefit demonstration
* video: CEO presentations
* video: personalized full body audio-visual communication

...so that you will also be able to move quickly into Immersive Haptic Telepresencing.

The medical profession is advancing (into) this technology.

Personal, professional, and CEO bloggers must follow close behind and even race ahead. The CEO bloggers should be pioneering all these emerging communication technologies.

Extra goodies to entertain you via multi hyper media...

VlogoCombat Examples

Loserish Mish exemplifies the one-to-one, peer-to-peer, user communication strategy that corporations much adopt in honest transparency, sincere enthusiasm, and candid integrity.

Mishy: "To all my haters out there. Well, I do my videos for fun. I don't take myself very seriously. And even if I do come across as being really full of myself in my videos, well, I'm probably acting. Because that's what I do. I act. I'm playing up to the camera. And stop telling me to get a life because I have a life and don't need to be told to get a life."

Loserish Mish aka Loserfish aka cutiemish (YouTube tag) aka Mishy
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"Re: Mishy bein in a film2 To: Haters" (2:07)

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