Monday, August 21, 2006

Harvey Mackay on business success

I have a dream, a dream that is now a goal.

Harvey Mackay defines "goal" as "a dream with a deadline".

My dream with a deadline: that Mackay will start a blog within the next 3 months, by November 21, 2006.

Another of my blessed mentors, Paul Woodhouse, of Tinbasher UK blog, has just today approved my knucklehead idea, so I'm all fired up now.

Until Harvey starts his blog, let these choice nuggets of business wisdom be your guide to great success. I need this myself, since I have been feeling rather dumpy droopy lately, due to the massive mediocrity in the local business scene.

These quotes will prove that Mackay is already a blogger, stylistically. His books feature short, blog-like chapters. A blogger without a blog. Yet. I'm seeing this all the time, authors whose style is already perfect, and pithy, for bloggy activity.

My strategy to get Mackay to blog:

(1) write to him and request it

(2) do blog posts that quote him, so he can see how cool it looks

(3) explain briefly the benefits of the blog platform

(4) demonstrate how blogs are ideal for displaying one liners and business tips

(5) hope I don't blow it completely.

If I fail, may I fail in a COLOSSAL manner. This is my fervent prayer.

Harvey's current #1 NY Times bestseller is "We Got Fired!"

Quotes below are from "Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt".


(1) "We lay in the weeds, while the competition swung from the trees, crashing into one another." (p.11)

(2) "Most of us are such creatures of habit, our mistakes are so ingrained, our character so locked into place, we aren't even smart enough to make new mistakes. We keep making the same dumb ones over and over again." (p. 23)

(3) "Seminars, tapes, classes, networking are all a lot less painful than learning the hard way." (p. 23)

(4) "Instead of the [Office] Bully, you may have the Snitch, the Slouch, the Slob, the Ungrateful Bastard, the Thief of Baghdad, the Finger-pointer, or one of any number of other less than honorable humanoids to deal with. I never realized the rogues' gallery of workplace losers was so long until Oprah Winfrey invited me to be on her show to talk about office politics. The horror stories I heard from the audience and panel guests told me that office losers are one serious problem." (p. 48)

(5) "I tend to be aggressive in situations that involve conflict....the only three kinds I'm certain are out there: sharks, shark-bait, and shark-proof. Which one are you?" (p. 49)

(6) "It isn't the quality of the ideas you have that will determine whether you make a success of them, it's the qualities you bring to those ideas....The mark of talent is the ability to take an existing form and perfect it." (p.70)

(7) "There is no OFF switch on a tiger." (p. 73)

(8) "People who make it big in business don't tend to be very well rounded or even terribly happy. But they do have one quality that's lacking in others: They are single-minded." (p. 82)

(9) "With each broken dream, they learned what they had to learn, dusted themselves off, and started over." (p. 84)

(10) "Failure teaches you not to fear failure, because if you can survive it to fight again, you haven't failed." (p. 86)

(11) "The truth is, success often occurs for reasons we don't expect, under circumstances over which we have little control and sometimes unrelated to our own efforts." (p. 87)

(12) "Never stop tinkering with your technique." (p. 194)

(13) "Study yourself as hard as you study your customers." (p. 200)

(14) "Your reputation is your greatest asset." (p. 210)



CK said...

I like your dream, er, uh, goal. The strategy is good and the quotes were a nice touch.

Between this quest and the new vid cam, you're sure to come out of your drumpy doopy. Then again, look what all Picasso created in his blue period.

steven edward streight said...

I've decided to try to encapsulate my acting into 1:00 bursts, whether business humor attempts or serious post-boring CEO training films.

1:00 of whatever, so it gives some semblance of substance, but it's brevity gone mad, so a client can swallow several in one infotainment helping, balanced sturdily on his plate.

steven edward streight said...

P.S. YouTube is having uploader problems, so I uploaded a 1:05 video called "player hate", to Revver, but I have to await their approval, from 20 minutes to 48 hours.

Humour and last laugh said...

What you say about the Iranian President recently taking up blogging to communicate his point of view to the world? Dose he have something to say by himself, that the other media could distort otherwise, which may help the people across the world to understand the Iran and its President better? Most of all, was not it a tribute to the Blogging and the redundancy of other Media?

steven edward streight said...

Humor: I think it's smart to use blogs and video and podcasts to get your message to the web.

If the President of Iran is a politician, I think everyone knows by now what I think of politicians. Not much, to put it mildly.

I am ashamed to think anyone would call for the total destruction of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, India, China, Malaysia, Ireland, or Antarctica...or any person or people.