Thursday, August 10, 2006

glimpsing at Swedish Web 2.0 blog until my eyes burn

I was out blog glimpsing again this morning, with a ResononceFM Comedy (the Feedburner URL is not working, I get a "parsing error, malformed XML", or some such broken web crap) Podcast sequence that I burned to a Maxell Music Pro CD, as my accompanying soundtrack. Blog Glimpsing is so tiresome without a musical soundtrack riding along with you.

Blog Glimpsing is the highly technical term used by computer wijjywackers to describe "web surfing" but in the blogosphere and not at any crummy static brochureware web sites.

I turned the volume up considerably, to better drown out the tree grinders down the block, and to better hear "Strange music and post-boring stories", "Overdose Pie", and "Unlistenable Special" by The Exciting Hellebore Shew aka Epistaxis Time aka Meadow House aka Dan Wilson.

Since the downloads of this British comedy podcast channel are FREE, I try to "pay" for it by imitating their style in my blog scribblings and in my podcasts and videocasts. Or at least I will start imitating them as soon as I eat some lamb-pears for a decent discontinental break-the-fast.

Anyway, as I was out Blog Glimpsing, just traipsing nonchalantly through the digital debris and lethargy, I jumped from Liz Strauss to a peculiar Swedish blog, a Web 2.0 blog by a chap who writes about usability and web widget thingamajigs.

I consider myself an internationally respected, squidishly quoted, and high-demand expert on web thingamajigs and what-cha-ma-call-its, so I was quite intrigued to see a discussion called "Date/time input usability".

Weird. The location of blogger is Linkoping. Is this a made up city, a fairy tale town from the deep recesses of the inner drainage ditches of blooger land? Link O Ping? I am now in awe of the surrealism rampant at this technical usability think tank blog.

So I recklessly submitted this comment, in a vain and misguided attempt to "add to the conversation" ala the book Naked Conversations, where I was a pain in the tributaries and a volunteer opportunist book-improver. I was scared of my new wife, so I spent hours in a dark closet banging out "comments" for Robert and Shel.

Anyway, my sexual insecurity is not the main message of this post, and I'd rather not talk of my wretched deficiencies related to the loathsome rancid act of coupling, and move on to more CEO beneficial topics.

Ahem. So. I posted this ridiculous, entropic comment.


Fri Aug 04, 12:13:38 AM CEST
steven edward streight
steven edward streight said...

Fine analysis. Another point is how I can bounce my posts around in sequence by changing the dates and times of a post. But if I move a post to a different month, it gets a new post URL.

I had an art blog, an online gallery of my dorky digital pixel massacres, and I spent hours juggling the order of their presentation, and got quite good at quickly changing dates and times of posts to effect the monstrous moving around of said objects.

For forensic purposes, this should not be allowed. More and more, blogs are turning up in court, to testify about the murderer. Blogs are leaving the blogosphere and testifying that so and so posted such and such and mentioned that the brother in law had it in for him, and this post was published the day he was killed and only five minutes prior to the bloody stabbing.

This is real, no joke.

So this changing the time and date of posts must be forbidden by some Forensic Blog Special Interest Group or Regime.

+ + + + + + +

Posted by E C Manaut in Reply to the Spammy Comment Above, on August 9, 2008...

Thank you for submitting your lengthy comment, Steven. Unfortunately, we cannot publish such drivel here at this establishment. Kindly take your abrasive grating remarks somewhere else we don't appreciate them here.

--site security administrator


Now, who's laughing at who?

The whole point of this post was supposed to be how this Swedish blog has an automatically refreshing header graphic that is a map showing a road map of the lastest visitor's location and a satellite photo of his or her neighborhood.

Good for stalkers, terrorists, or other psychos to use for nefarious purposes, or ex-wives with child support payments due.

What is Web 2.0 heading to? I'm scared.

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