Thursday, August 24, 2006

End of Stardom, Rise of Everyone

Ancient rock music celebrity Phil Spector:

Ragga jungle DJ free mp3-sharer Aaron Spectre (Air Inspector):

Modern self celebrity vlogger Cutiemish:

A friend of mine, who has recently turned against me, made a clever statement a while back. When I asked him where all this computer technology is headed, in reference specifically to internet radio, podcasts, videocasting, and blogs, Chillroom said: "It's the End of Stardom".

That's it: The Death of Celebrity Status.

Why? Why no more hero worship in the entertainment arena? Why no more throwing our souls to the lions of manipulation and media hysteria? Because we can make our own entertainment and information now.

EXAMPLE: Post Secret, the blog that became a book. He let the users create ALL the content. These are not actors or rock stars. These are the secret confessions of average, typical, everyday people. Before the blog revolution, this type of product could not exist, aside from something like Art Linkletter's Kids Say the Darnedest Things.

Consumers, customers, users now have the tools and networks to create, edit, publish, netcast, archive, promote, and distribute content. It's the Technological Do It Yourself Generation biting at your ankles, soon to appear in your face. We don't need the old media and its bloated empty hero worship circus.

User-Generated Content: not just for tavern bathroom walls anymore!

For Users, By Users, Through Users, To Users.

Users are now having massive input into the design, functionality, usability, deliverabililty, frequency, and content of all products. Customized, tailor-made, individually accommodated. Now the "command-and-control" menu is in our hands. We rule over anarchy and tyranny. We the People...Forever.

Christina Kerley
reminded me that somewhere in this blog, I spoke of Self as Star.

"Self as Star" was in reference to how the new multi hyper media revolution, and the universal content utopia, are causing the End of Stardom as dominated by rock stars, authors, actors, actresses, celebrities prancing around vaingloriously, tepidly manufactured for our bitter consumption.

Now we the people either make our own or get it from other ordinary people. We don't need no more stinking celebrities. An A List in the blogosphere is like a Rule Book in an anarchy. We celebrate and glamorize the Individual, you and me, as Independent Entities of Power and Presige.

One blog is just as valid as any other blog. Each voice on a level communications playing field. No hierarchy. No elevated status.

No more "we do it and you buy it and consume it".

Now it's "I do it and I share it freely with others."

Technology has become so simple, easy, pervasive and inexpensive, we can now make our own electronic music, films, radio shows, television stations, books, etc. via blogs, podcasts, videocasts, etc.

Universal Content Utopia: Any Content. Any Format. Any Amount. Any Time. Any Where.

So the Self supplants the Celebrity, who was always already worthless and bloated anyway.

Death of Celebrity Status due to the democratization of web content. The rise of individual voice against the MSM info hegemony. As the commercialized, over-hyped Star System declines, we witness the Rise of Everyone.

Behold the Anti-Star, Enter the Self!

Cutie Mish
"Just a Message" [You Suck!] (1:29)


Chris Ritke said...

Long live the long tail - watch it get longer and longer and longer! We can just sit back and watch those schmucks on the left of the tail who thought they had it made get squished into nothingness. Or not. Isn't this exciting?

Humour and last laugh said...

So the media will no more be able to create positive and negative kind of celebrities and feed on them so sustain it along with a whole industry that depends on media, as is hitherto known?

Humour and last laugh said...

so the media as is hitherto known shall not be able to create positive or negative kind of celebrities out of ordinary people to prey on them?

steven edward streight said...

Today, with so much going on in the world, so much politically and combatively, the lead story all over the Morbid Stream Media was "housing prices rise" not mentioning the positive aspect, pro-consumer: it's a seller's market.

We are tired of having Britney Spears, Eminem, U2, Rolling Stones, and other crap mediocre mainstream bands shoved down our throats.

We are sick of Mel Gibson, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, Michelle Pfiefer, Donald Trump, all the celebrities who pretend to be above us, in a privileged caste, a higher realm.

While they will always be able to sell Bob Dylan and Beatle records, more people will make and freely share their own music.

Everything Free All the Time, except for Advanced User Versions...

that's the new business model.

Free Everything...Universal Level Access (net neutrality)...Any Content Any Format Any Amount Any Time Any Where.

Generosity vs. Greed.

It's all being preached by better men than I: Tom Peters, Peter Drucker, W. Edwards Deming, Harvey Mackay, John Hagel III, Christopher Locke, David Weinberger, Seth Godin, Laura Ries, Robert Scoble, Shel Israel.

Humour and last laugh said...

Who do we envy and resent then? What will happen to Page 3 of the newspapers? What about the conscious and unconscious violence people harbor about celebrities?
Recently a woman has written a book about Bin laden raping her while fantacising another women. What will hapen to the inmdustry that publishes such books?

steven edward streight said...

We don't envy and resent anyone. We are free to grow and be and share with others freely and generously, accumulating massive merit through our universal niceness.

We don't care what happens to the old lying manipulating media, let it rot in shame and dishonor.

The new media of blog, podcast, video is a self-policing, user-inhibited organism.

If something sucks, the users will sound the alarm. If it's good, it goes viral or it lurks in the dungeon until its liberator arrives to unleash it.

steven edward streight said...

When we are all celebrities, no one is more celebrity than another, we are equal in validity, if not profitability and popularity.

Hollywood, RIAA, all the old is dead already. We are growing addicted to new Share Economy Universal Content Utopia.

Celebrity? No more of the ultra rich and successful idols and that shameful worship and awards ceremonies.

"Thanks actors for taking poor people's money and lavishing it on designer $20,000 dresses."

But we are all celebrating our individual and collective lives.

We embrace all humanity and nature and technology as one force of benevolent evolution toward the New Super Blog and the Ascended Hyper Bloggers.