Tuesday, August 01, 2006

don't do consecutive series posts

Do not do a "series of posts" on a specific topic in a sequence. Say you decide to do a series of posts on "Web 2.0 and Telepresencing". And you will post 8 different posts on this topic. Don't do those posts consecutively, one after the other, all 8 in a row, maybe covering 8 days. Why? Because a lot of your readers will not care about this specific topic, and, no matter how much they "like" you, they will be bored by 8 posts in a row on an irrelevant or marginal interest topic. Additionally, the posts may seem to blend in together and not be distinct, readers may even think, "Did I read #4 already, or is it new?" Readers are in a hurry. If you do 8 posts in a row, with the same graphic identifier, they will blur together. Space them out. Consecutive series posts are a good way to lose readers and ruin loyalty.

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