Saturday, August 12, 2006

Digital Hollywood: future of web video

I was quite amazed to see that Maurizio Mazzanti, who founded the Digital Hollywood conference, found something valuable on my obscure little blog.

He states in a comment on my "Deconstructing the Google video enhancements" post that I'm the only one expressing criticism of Google video. I just noticed in my Digg feedroll (in my sidebar), that Google has announced the inclusion of "Adult/Mature" content video uploads, something YouTube seems to be opposed to.

Check out the Digital Hollywood site. I am quite flattered that such a person as Maurizio has taken an interest in my dopey deconstructive remarks.

Thanks, friend.

Here's a tiny sample of what's going to happen at the prestigious Digital Hollywood. All the movers and shakers of web video will be there. Wish I could attend.


Building Blocks 2006
Marriott San Jose
Tuesday, August 15
9:00 AM – 10:15 AM

Track I:

User Generated Content: An Internet, Communications and Advertising Transformation

What’s the real future of entertainment, user generated media or traditional TV comedies or sitcoms?

What, in greater number of hours per week, will capture the consumer’s interest and committed time, traditional entertainment or user generated media?

These are questions that entertainment, media and advertising executives are very much asking themselves.

In the past year, the MySpace web experience has revolutionized the world of entertainment, information and communications. The world of social communities, once thought to be a thing of the past has exploded and is once again on the front pages of our newspapers and magazines.

There are web pages and web experiences for every human nuance and niche. Every family communicates through photo sharing and movie sharing websites. The blogging and social networking worlds have become the new "major media networks."

Is it a fad or is it the future of our collective lives? In this session we will explore user-generated media as a phenomenon, as a business and as a communications and entertainment medium.

Scott Roesch, Vice President & General Manager, AtomFilms

Peter Chane, Senior Business Product Manager, Google Video

Jason Zajac, GM Social Media - Search & Marketplace, Yahoo! Inc.

Andrew Anker, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development Six Apart & General Manager, VOX

Oliver Luckett, co-founder, Senior Vice President of Network Development, Revver

Erik Hawkins, CEO, PureVideo (,

Ken Rutkowski, founder, KenRadio Broadcasting, Moderator



Anonymous said...

who gives a shit about your tiny world

steven edward streight said...

Thanks Anonymous, but I'm as heroic and perfect as you think I am.

Actually, I have flaws and shortcomings, horrible personality defects and annoying behavioral tics.

Your generous praise shames me, I'm not deserving of such high praise and admiration, but I appreciate your taking the trouble to post a comment here.

Sharing your profound insights with me and my readers is quite noble and kind of you.

Thanks so much for typing your name and leaving an embedded link to your vastly superior web site or blog.

I have much to learn from you, I just hope you'll accept me as a disciple.

And you're right, my world is extraordinarily tiny, miniscule, microscopic even.

But you took the time to enrich this blog, and I'm eternally grateful for that.

Screw you, asshat.