Wednesday, August 09, 2006

deconstructing the Google Video enhancements

[QUOTE--email from Google
Video Team to Vaspers the Grate]

Hello Uploader,

It's the Google Video Team again, back with an exciting update.

We've been working hard to make Google Video the best way to find and play video on the web and we hope some of our recent features are useful to you:

- Instant gratification: A web-based video uploader ( for immediate upload and playback

[VASPERS: There is no other way than web-based, plus quick and easy. That's minimum requirement for all digital services.]

- Share your video with the world, or maybe just your friends: Single-click video posting to popular blog services, including MySpace and Blogger

- Get involved!: Now add ratings, tags, and comments for all videos

[VASPERS: This ability to add ratings, tags, and comments is old fashioned. YouTube and Digg and etc. have been doing it a long time. Why so slow to catch up?]

- Zeit-what? Now you can see a "Top 100" list (,
updated daily, that shows what people are watching

[VASPERS: YouTube has been doing this a long time. Why so slow to catch up? Do we need the top 100? How many categories of "top rated" do you offer? Top Favorited? Top Commented On? Top Ranked? Top Discussed? Top Shared? Top Viewed? others?]

- It's "Football", not "Soccer": Google Video now exists in the UK, France, Germany,
Italy, Spain, Canada, Poland, and the Netherlands

And there's a lot more to come -- you may have noticed that we're also been experimenting with making "for sale" content free by sponsoring videos with ads. By doing this we've been able to expose a lot of great video to our users, like content from Charlie Rose (

[VASPERS: But in the Any Content Any Time Any Format Any Amount Any Place information utopia, this is a mild claim to make. Chances are, savvy users could find that Charlie Rose content on some video uploading or streaming service.]

Because this test has been successful, we're continuing to experiment with using ads to extend content distribution.

[VASPERS: This seems okay. YouTube now has ads blinking and flashing and jumping around, the kind we users are self-trained to shove into marginal optical awareness. The challenge in online advertising, ads on site, is the nature of the display and the credibility/relevance of the advertiser.

Dubious companies, including those with such offerings as erectile dysfunction pills, gambling sites, online pharmaceuticals, mortgage loans, and get rich quick schemes, should be avoided like the plague.

Cheesey, pushy, unrealistic ads cause a site's credibility to slide down the toilet, guilt by association.]

To do this, we've made some minor modifications to our Terms of Service (TOS) so you can participate in ad programs we may roll out in the future.

[VASPERS: "...participate in ad programs we may..." we assume the participation is a cash receivership or other fiscal in pocket deposit as percentage of sales from ads, but what certainty is there of this in this message from Google?]

Please take a moment to review the changes by logging into your account at and accepting the new terms and conditions. If you don't agree to the new TOS, we will assume you acknowledge and accept these changes, and will include your content in Google Video, as it is today.

[VASPERS: If I don't agree to the new TOS, Google assumes that I acknowledge and accept these changes? Don't they mean if I DO agree to the new TOS, etc.? I'm confused. "...and will include your content..." who will include it, me or Google? " Google Video, as it is today..." as it is today, with or without the changes and new terms...? Are the old terms "as it is today" or is the new ad-related agreement "as it is today"?]

Keep the video rolling... and, as they say, the best is yet to come!

Anticipating even more fun,
The Google Video Team

[VASPERS: Nothing innovative, all imitative. This doesn't mean I'm "against" Google Video, I'm just stating some observations. I happen to be a big Google fan, actually.]



Maurizio Mazzanti said...

They sended also another mail to ones who setted a fee for making viewble their private videos.

The content of that mail is "make the video free or we'll delete it"

I copy&paste their mail

[…] so there are two things you can do:

1) Make your video available for free, or
2) We’ll delete your video for now and ask you to re-upload when the “for sale” or ads-based monetization is available.

steven edward streight said...

Maurizio: thanks for taking the trouble to add your comment here.

I appreciate the info.

I love Google, but I am disappointed with what is going on in Google Video.

Hope they can settle down their business model problems soon.

Maurizio Mazzanti said...

hello, it's a pleasure leave a comment on your post, it's the only one i founded with a criticism about the new move of google video

i am also very very interested in videos on the web and google actually is the most powerfull company but since google video started i feel they really beleived to that product as a beta version, but in my opinion those things that are on the web are not beta, so i think google video is in the middle of nothing actually

really all the companies focused on the videos on web are in the middle of nothing, trying to understand a profitable business modell

i founded a conference that will be next days in san josè (silicon valley)

i hope to hear something interesting from Peter Chane, Senior Business Product Manager, Google Video


steven edward streight said...

I just saw in my Digg feedroll in my blog sidebar that Google is now allowing "Mature/Adult" video to be uploaded.

What a pile of shit. I hate Google for doing that, but I am a fan of Google in general.

How disappointing. This is just a bit much to take.

Porn is a curse, not a benefit. And online porn is having sex with a machine, not a human. Sick, man, sick.