Sunday, August 13, 2006

Box. Angry. Norbert.

Can one risk looking drunk when you're really just dead tired from 20 hours of computing? Let this droopy dazzling film of a sleepy Vaspers convince you one way or the other. The question remains: "Why do you blog? Do you really know why?" Improve or remove it.

Vaspers the Grate "Be Outside the Box" (3:12)

Mr. Angry "Dying for a Drink (T2)" (4:16)

Norbert Milken "Loves Billy Idol" (2:52)

This last video is from Revver. I had to search all the way down to the bottom of the vlog page to find the time duration.

GEEK TIP: Always display the time duration, artist, and title of every video you post. Mr. Angry is going further and smartly displaying the video URL.

MORE VIDEO PICKS: at Stinky Ugly Toys, be sure to check out "new popular Fire Survivor game".

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