Friday, August 18, 2006

BlogWars and ultimate blogocombat

The book BLOGWARS is affirming my theories of blogcombat, though I do have one oppositional remark.

Professor Perlmutter states that blogs are being used as war machines, vehicles of destruction in the battle zone of politics. Of course.

Blogs are more like nuclear missles than pretty flowers.

Blogs are better for damage than damage control. Blogs are basically attack dogs, trained to fight to the death of an opposing idea, or the total exhaustion of the debate combatant on the Other Side.

I like to remember that blogs and blogocombat emerged from technical fanatics arguing about operating systems and programmer religions, plus gamers clobbering each other verbally over which game was most rad, using racial slurs, sexist slang, and nasty accusations.

From gamers and techs, to the sanctimonious halls of venerable useless Politics.

Blogocombat is to be found in all blogs: personal, professional, CEO, entrepreneur, marketing, web design, religious, every kind of blog out there. You've all experienced harshers, trolls, baiters, flamers, comment spammers, abusive postings. Some of it is human, some of it is bot. But it's swarming and seething all over the internets.

You have to learn how to fight online...and know why you fight online.

You defend truth, universal democracy, human dignity, factual accuracy, freedom of act and mentality. That's what your blogging does. Every stroke of the keyboad affirms that you have a right to think and say whatever you want, and no one can stop you. Not censors, nor flamers. Not government persecution, nor player hate.

Professor Perlmutter states that political bloggers are far more fanatical, meaning more dedicated and pure, than actual politicians. I agree that politicians tend to be wishy-washy, insensitive, soul-less, corrupt, cowardly, opportunist chumps.

Little poor citizen journalists, in a basement or hotel room somewhere, wearing asbestos blogger pajamas, are outdoing the vain and faux prestigious political gangs.

This is very funny, but sadly true in most if not all cases. Ask me, I'll say "all cases".

But then he says left bloggers are aloof from, and unfriendly toward, the right bloggers, that's how pure and intense they are. No compromises, no "politics is just business" attitudes.

Astute observation. He says politicians are basically insincere game players, whilst the Real Political Activists are Bloggers. Amen to that.

Here's what I posted as a comment over there:


Love what you're doing, but here is a consideration. I've seen top political bloggers have Loyal Opposition type sidebar blogroll categories.

I've seen Left blogs link to Right blogs in post editorial. They honor each other's sincerity, intelligence, audacity, and investigative skills.

So the test of integrity is not by having friends on the Other Side. It's how you are open to their viewpoints, without compromising your own beliefs.

Business leadership is similar to political leadership. Though the public is cynical, trust is still the ruling factor.

No one takes a hysterical raving fanatic seriously. Often that kind of blogging is just an act to make money and notoriety.

Credibility, transparency, candor are intrinsic to the core values of blogging. I am a blog idealist and revolutionist. Thus, sharp tongued, anti-authority, and avidly confrontational. It's the wild wild west and we sir are the pioneers, the ones who gather the most arrows in their hair.

I speak of blogocombat. Do a Google search on that term and see me appear first: Vaspers the Grate, the King of Blogocombat.

There is harshing and flaming in the political blogosphere, certainly.

But I think there is much more so this going on: we HATE the MSM with venom, passion, and destruction.

It is Blogosphere vs. Old Media, Old Economy, Psycho Enronized Capitalism, Domination Systems.

Blog is the rise of individual voice against the MSM information hegemony.

Blog is simple, easy, fast web content publishing.

Blogs will do more than books ever dreamed of.


To my mind, the Ultimate Blogocombat is the Blogosphere vs. the MSM (mainstream media).

It has lied and strutted around arrogantly long enough.

We're done with the wretched, withering antique.

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