Saturday, August 05, 2006

blog residue: the video! PLUS One Second Movie

Learn why your biggest benefit from blogging is, like the kingdom of heaven, within you. Not external rewards (monetizing, link pop, traffic, ads clicked, revenue generated), but internal accumulation of blog-induced qualities. Euphoric transparency, aggressive eccentricity, debate superiority, blogocombative sensitivity, etc.

Vaspers the Grate
"blog residue" (5:18)

Vaspers the Grate
"One Second Movie" (0:01)


CK said...

Good stuff on blog residue. I find, in the few months I've been at it, that we take far more away from our blogs than we put into, or post, on them. That residue is palatable, permanent.

When the rage was static websites, it was like with this tweak or design touch it will be "just right". Once you hit on the exact impression you want to make or get your messaging points across, you walk away from it, leave it set in stone per se.

With blogs, conversely, it's a continued growth...there isn't that mark to hit, like in Web 1.0. You're not leaving an impression, you're building a relationship. Relationships leave plenty of residue--lessons learned, good times, bad times. All the growth stuff that certainly leaves a lot of residue.

steven edward streight said...

Yes, and the ultimate goal is digital surrogates, effluvial embodiments, online spawned incarnations of you, appearing in the user's room, and interacting personally via programmed behavior mirrors and speech content and delivery patterns.

steven edward streight said...

I mean more precisely or abstractly as the case may be:

we will interact with each other via digital surrogates

online projections of web subrogation entities

no more "visit my blog" but rather "allow my virtual self to access your physical environment"

HOW CREEPY is that, pray pary or tell, please?

CK said...

Well now you're talking holographic residue. I was talking more in the spiritual realm. The ultimate goal, as I see it, is growth and pushing the positive agendas forward be they business, personal, and/or ethical in nature.

Not creeped out by digital surrogates having made my way through plenty of your vlogs and pictures of puke :-).

carrie said...

i love the one second video