Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ancient Blog Post 1: Dave Winer

I'm going to show you some really old posts by Blog Pioneers of great genius, combativeness, and triumph.

The Blogosphere began as a murky haunt of nightmare conflict in the battle zones of programming religions, operating systems, game philosophy, and assorted personal gripes.

It was also far more technical, more computer-oriented, and the posts consisted typically of links to relevant web sites and online resources, with nearly no, or very rare and brief, commentary by the blogger, or from the reader audience.

As uber-blogs emerged they were basically webzines, discussion forums, or bulletin boards. Originally, from 1992 to about 1999, blogs were primarily messaging systems, sticky net notes, cyber cork boards and stick pinned jottings, alerting other techs to important sites. But some private murmurings also occured.

How could they know they would unleash a mighty, sometimes naughty, geyser gushing with sandwiches eaten for lunch, bad bands, horny teens, lonely singles, cheating swingers, political loonies, reluctant businesses, baby photo logging, and 79 year old grandpa "geriatric" video journals?

The bizarre development of a personal diary blog community based on a social hook-up or file sharing web service, from the original tech info update blogs, leaves many unanswered questions to even the most erudite of push button publishing pundits.

QUESTION: What made the average person suddenly decide they could (1) think, (2) reason, (4) write, (5) entertain via writing, and (5) meet in the offline world fascinating unknown personas disguised by online deceptions -- possibly fat, old, ugly, and married?

Now there is even such absurdities as blogocombat between fans of different blogware providers, WordPress devotees vs. Blogger disciples, or Blogger vs. MySpace, or Xanga vs. LiveJournal vs. SquareSpace vs. Floggr vs. Flickr vs. Busy Thumbs, to mention a few recent examples that pop into mind.

Enough of my commentary! Blast it all!

Now you know why the Pioneer Bloggers just typed in a bunch of links and rarely a few sentences about something.

Dave Winer
Tuesday, April 15, 1997
(scroll 1/2-way down)

NOTE: Links are in purple type, but are non-destinational.

I figured these old links may have suffered a, what we web guys call "link rot": they lead to pages that have been removed, relocated, or locked from public view, for whatever reasons.

I was afraid you might go to the page Error Message 404 Not Found, 403 Forbidden (understood but disallowed and should not be attempted again), 401 Unauthorized, 303 See Other, 413 Request Entity Too Large, 501 Server Implementation Catastrophe, 301 Moved Permanently, 300 Multiple Choices, 406 Not Acceptable to Browser, 412 Precondition Failed, 407 Proxy Authentication Required, 206 Partial Content, 202 Accepted with Reservation, 415 Unsupported Media Type, or perhaps 409 Conflict: Locked.

Then again, I was also afraid you might run into Error Message 804 Object De-entitized, 952 Troubling Unorthodoxy, 993 Info Caste Violation, 775 Over Controversial, 886 Dumbed Down to Nothingness, 840 Just Don't Feel Like Helping You Visit Another Boring Web Site, 791 Mental Meltdown Mode, 675 LAN Fracture Induction, 927 Prior Initiation Ritual Required, 812 UFO Interference Loop, 749 Malformed Rhetoric Key, or 958 Internet Secret Self-Delete Implementation.

I accidentally hit a dysfunctional malicious website that, simply by my attempt to access it, send shock waves through the entire web for 0.000037 seconds. Almost enough to cause major global irrecoverable systems damage. I actually saw the Error Message 958 page flicker several times on my computer screen, like it was trying to materialize. Creepy.

I just not, but wouldn't take you also that have been freaked out?

That you almost deleted


Tuesday, April 15, 1997

A little help from Matt Neuburg.

Chuck Shotton: NetEvents 1.0b7 -- it's now a faceless background app or a faceful app with menu sharing support.

"Working on the Seybold News Site".

New ContentServer Site.

Chuck Shotton's other dog, Tisi, now has her own cam!

ZDNet: Netscape Netcasting.

Preview: Easy web scripting for BBEdit-based developers.

If you're an experienced Frontier developer, please help review and debug this new intermediate layer.

It will be part of Frontier 4.2.3, to be released shortly. Thanks!

InfoWorld: Ellison says Apple deal is looking more likely.

Netscape's NetCaster.

I searched the Netscape site looking for a spec like Microsoft's CDF but came up empty. For now it appears the only way to

push content at NetCaster is with a Marimba transmitter.

On the other hand, according to news.com, 15 software companies, including

Freeloader, Wayfarer and Datachannel, will be providing servers that can talk to NetCaster, so it doesn't appear to be a lock-in for


I'm still looking for the spec.



carrie said...

that would be freaky to delete the entire internets.

i coincidentally JUST NOW before i came to your page, watched a video of that mishy chick. she is intriguing.

steven edward streight said...

If I accidentally deleted the Commodity Internet, Internet2, and the InterPlaNet interplanetary network, I'd be really bummed out.

I'd feel kind of guilty and boring.

Imagine how the bloggers would start consuming each other physically, for lack of posting and commenting.

steven edward streight said...

yes Mishy aka Loserfish aka cutiemish is rather engaging, and she exhibits a flair that works well in both trivial drivel and vlogocombat player hate retaliation.

I love her simplicity and verve and lack of self-consciousness. She deflects guilt tripping and wanker underachiever mediocrity attacks. Just shrugs them off.

I just spent a day deflecting player hate emails, lengthy descriptions of how all my videos make me diagnosable as certified bona fide Insane. Lengthy, hateful, boring emails ranting hysterically about how Nuts my videos and I are.

Mishy's dismissal of critique "I'm an actor playing up to the camera" is the best defense of all.

Plus: put up or shut up. Where's your videos, Mr. Know It All Player Hater?

Ha ha ha, laughing all the way to the soup kitchen.