Thursday, August 31, 2006

10 Blogger Superstitions

1. My blog is an accurate and consistent reflection of my true self.

2. Since my blog is a digital record of my thoughts, insights, and feelings, it would be a crime against history and my own personality to even think about changing or removing any post, for any reason at all.

3. I must never criticize or condemn any belief system, religious faith, or political party, no matter how barbaric, patriarchal, or genocidal it may be.

4. I must praise and appreciate any comment on my blog, and never debate, question, or ridicule what is said by a comment poster.

5. I can express any feeling or thought on my blog, without considering how stupid, self-obsessed, or vain it makes me look.

6. I can judge my blog's worth by how many comments I get.

7. Someday I'll read and cherish all 25,000,000 posts I published over the years...and my children and grandchildren will treasure my blog long after I'm gone.

8. I can leave comment spam on my blog, and no one will consider it unprofessional or lazy of me to do so.

9. My blog will remain intact for eternity, and nothing will ever make it disappear or cease to exist.

10. I'll never regret any nudity, profanity, or idiocy that I post to my blog.


Humour and last laugh said...

In the month of August I could not put a thing much of value on my blog, I feel. In terms of story telling that I think could be my genre. Reading my words about politics embarrasses me greatly a few months down the line.
In fact it has been more than one month.
I hope I will have some better stories in the next month.
Do you too feel the same at the end of some months?

Canopenner said...

I totally agree on every point.

I wonder how much you think about blogging Vas, Doesnt it all get alittle ...


well now I dont even want to say it...

Keep up the good work and have a great day Vas. I know Im trying to.

Ann Handley said...

Funny list. Less blogger "superstitions" than Blogger Delusions.

(Not that you'd EVER want to change that headline! LOL...)

steven edward streight said...

Ann: oh, don't tempt me. I stand ready to change it right now.

As soon as I posted that, I realized "it's not superstitions, it's fallacies" or as you put it even better: "delusions". Yes.

Thanks for the smart correction. I love that. That's what comments are all about.

I cringe to think of how boring and ugly this blog would be without the great input I've received from wise comment posters like you.

It's truly, like most blogs, a team effort.

A blog post, by itself, means very little. It's the response to the post, and what the post inspires, that really counts.

Ann Handley said...

You're welcome.

Hold on a aren't practicing #4, are you?!!

"4. I must praise and appreciate any comment on my blog, and never debate, question, or ridicule what is said by a comment poster."

: )

steven edward streight said...

Ann: I would change the title of this post, but I am afraid that some poor misguided person might have linked to it, and if I change the title, the post URL changes, and the chaos that might ensue would be terrible.

OH heck. I think I"ll change it anyway, to practice what you proclaim that I preach.

I tolerate agreement here, but prefer antagonistic critique. Please try to be a bit more hateful and mean spirited. Thanks.

Are you with Marketing Profs?

steven edward streight said...

Canopenner: are you slyly implying that I am obsessed with blogging?

I am not obsessed with blogging 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year 10 years per decade 10 decades per centennium 10 centenniums per millenia world without end amen.

I heard that something exists outside the blogosphere. Could you be so kind as to check out that wild rumor and report back to me?

Thank you kindly.

kill radio internet boredom zone said...

I don't understand any of this. Therefore, I don't like it and I think you should stop.

steven edward streight said...

Humor and Last Laugh:

My my my. You are one fantastic mind and writing talent. It is sad for you to not be blogging daily, blogging something, just to keep your skills sharp.

I think you may see your blog as a novel. You could and shall write great novels, probably win the Nobel Prize or Pulitzer or whatever your country has like that.

You might consider just thinking in terms of what could benefit your readers. You are smart. You live in an exotic land. I envy you.

You know things. You've experienced things. You have insights. You have anecdotes.

I suggest you think deeply about all the wonderful things you can contribute to this world, then blog short, brief posts.

Try experimenting. Try controversy. Attack something. Tell us about something that everyone assumes is true, but is wrong.

Think, man, think.

You really do have it in you. Heck, you're smart enough to visit this blog, and that's a big step for anyone. Many fear me. You don't. You can express anything here. You can disagree, argue, question, whatever.

You can do it. You shall do it. Look out world, here he comes.

Take that comment you posted here. Astonishing to hear even a blogger be so self aware. You are tuned into yourself way more than most pampered, flakey, dumb butt Americans.

That comment about not liking your own political statements is great. How often do we read anything that introspective?

Lots of Fake Introspection in the American blogosphere. Too much unenlightened narcissism.

I believe in you, friend. Now get up and do it. Write a blog post that kicks my ass. Write a blog post that reveals a hidden insight. Write, man, write!

Do it. Now. I'll link to it and quote something from it.

How about video? Podcast? Do an Odeo podcast, if you have a microphone.


carrie said...

don't you ever tire of being so serious and specific all the time? why does everything have to have a point????? why does everything have to have rules? there is no ONE RIGHT WAY to do ANYTHING@@@@@@... life is life. blogging is part of it.

steven edward streight said...

I don't recall saying anything about right or wrong, just dumb and smart, effective and ineffective.

Dave Taylor did a post about the Jon Benet case being finally ended. Then the suspect was released as "not a suspect" so he emailed me and asked me if he should attach an "editor's note" to his blog post, clarifying that the Jon Benet case is not closed.

He wondered if it was ever okay to change, edit, revise a post. I told him I do it all the time. Right after I publish a post, I often, not always but frequently, go back and fuss with it. Add a photo, or a video embed, or change a word here and there, or whatever.

That's what started this topic.

Then Business Week Blogspotting blog quoted Dave Taylor and asked the same question. So I posted a comment there, too.

It all sort of snowballed. Delightful, huh?

Right way to perform surgery, launch a rocket, open a jar of pickles, drive a car? Sure. There are lots of cases where there is clearly a Right and a Wrong way.

A right way to treat a lady.

A wrong way to treat a lady.

WORD VERI: xbol npr

I like NPR, National Public Radio.


Mr Angry said...

What sort of weird-ass bloggers do you hang out with? I'm pretty sure I break all of those in some form or another. Some deliberately and some no doubt out of ignorance.

Humour and last laugh said...

Thanks Steven.You are so kind and receptive to the feeling of people like me. Kipling I think is the writer who wrote about Mowgli in jungle book. I suggest you to tead VS Naipaul's 'India:A wounded civilazation' or Bruce Chatwin's 'What Am I doing here.'
Also, reading the work of Jim coebett, the English hunter in 'My India' may give some insights into the life of certain part of India, which though written a century ago, still remain a great discription of life in that part, which has not changed much.
Idia had nearly500 officially recongnised languages. So it is a world of itsown kind and is charming to outsiders. Nepal too is similar.

Thanksonce again for your kind words.