Friday, July 21, 2006

winning through eccentricity

Vaspers the Grate
"winning through eccentricity" (4:41)
How to use a little oddness to be memorable, entertaining, and influential.

Throughout history, up until Buddha and Jesus, the merchant class was lowly, considered near to slave in moral standing and significance, the middle man, the interloper, the financier, the speculator, deal maker, traveling salesman...

all despised and degraded, for sometimes not entirely unfounded reasons.

Crafts guilds, apprentice, marketplace, all got along fine without MBAs or CEOs. Information was disseminated in a Share Economy and Strict Standards, set by the makers, who know best how to judge quality and normatives.

Makers are always higher in status than managers or marketers.

As consumers shape, influence, input, or even make the products they need, the cost dives toward nothing, and the universality spreads like cherries over cappacino cheesecake.

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