Saturday, July 15, 2006

Vaspers enters the Vlogosphere

I am getting ready, having my hair professionally combed, for my invasion of the Vlogosphere.

Vaspers 1.0 (text version): 2004
Blogger/Blogspot, WordPress, Xanga, Busy Thumbs, etc.

Vaspers 2.0 (audio version)
: 2005
49 Media podcast (w/Chris Ritke)
Odeo podcast

Vaspers 3.0 (video version): 2006
YouTube (Camouflage Danse)
[coming soon, sooner than you think]

Like right now:

Vaspers the Grate [7-15-06]
"How To Do a Corporate Video" (0:56)


carrie said...

awesome. now i have to get a youtube account. i was too lazy before, but now i have to.

Loren Feldman said...

Welcome to the new frontier.

carrie said...

you are so interesting to me.

i like crazy ppl.

i'm sorry. that is not to imply that you are crazy. but you are definitely weird.

steven edward streight said...

I'm a radical risk-taker. Give Me Creativity, or Give Me Death.

I learned in music as a young lad that one can produce astonishing effects with guitar feedback and a wah wah pedal on an old electric Hawaiian guitar and a little tube amp.

That was a life changing event. I have not been the same since.

I don't mind risking losing my corporate clientele due to my explorations of the innovative and the strange.

Business must become weird, or perish, and this is what TOM PETERS, the #1 business/marketing consultant in history.

Vaspers the Grate is known, a possibly enjoyed once in a blue moon, by some pretty smart influentials.

But modesty requires me to stop name-dropping, a sin I have been roughly accused of.

What you and all the world are witnessing at Vaspers the Grate is the most extreme hatred the world has ever seen.

Hatred is what drives this blog and the blogosphere.

Hatred, in my case, for mediocrity, expectations, business as usual, corporate arrogance and greed, labor laziness and sense of entitlement, domination systems, Morbid Stream Media, Power Freak Information Hegemony, television news programs, Hellywood movies, and white male patriarchy.

You're seeing intellectual hatred as it manifests itself in risky self-parody and blogocombat mental judo.

Nearly every thing I do is somehow connected to blogocombat.