Sunday, July 30, 2006

secret blogocombat trick 2: super focus

Secret Blogocombat
Trick 2
Super Focus

When you're discussing a topic at a blog, let's say that someone posts a comment hostile to you and your ideas, experiences, or opinions. And let's say they also type in a lengthy rebuttal to your position and a harsh attack on your sanity or intelligence.

Whadya do? I'm more than happy to tell you. Listen close.

This is not as obvious as it may first appear.

I'm giving you a really effective, nearly guaranteed way to smash your opponent. Use this weapon very carefully, and only when you're sure your debate enemy is being really hateful, disrespectful, or even unethical and deceptive.

Perhaps you even suspect the person of being a Paid Enthusiast, Artificial Word Of Mouth (WOM) Buzz Agent, i.e. a payrolled liar for a fraudulent company or con artist. Here's how to fight back very aggressively and piteously.

Super Focus

Zero in on just one thing. One statement. One anecdote. One experience. One theory. One belief. One idea. One opinion. One remark.

It can be his weakest argument. Or her most poorly worded, and inadequately expressed, sentiment. A mistake in factual accuracy. A typo. A repetition of what can only be hearsay, because no one can verify it. An emotional outburst.


It could be her strongest position. Exaggerate what she says, not to be manipulative or deceptive, but to show how this extended statement is what she is probably driving at. Show how the extreme application of this otherwise sober and scientific sounding statement, the radical implementation of it would result in absurdity or counter-productive woe.


Find something the debate opponent said that either is antagonistic or critical of the author of the blog in which the blogocombat is occuring, or is offensive to the readership.
Latch onto it. Like a bulldog. Wave it around in the air and make sure everyone sees it. Pound away at it. One sly remark, pointing out the deficiency or offense...or a full scale war based on it.

This technique takes the opponent off course. If you cleverly find a statement that you know was just kind of tossed out, a tangential remark, a barely relevant aside, a muttering under the breath, below your threshhold -- use that. You are then forcing your opponent to go off in a direction they had not planned on. Now they are pursuing an argument that steals the thunder and lightning out of the main point they originally wished to debate.

Whether you succeed in diverting your debate adversary's thrustings, or actually destroy a specific and vital component in her argument, you will gain the edge and ascend to the top of the sludge pile, where you (hopefully) belong.

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