Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ride your blog to the bitter end

Your blog is the New You.

In the laboratory of the blog platform, and surrounded by this great cloud of witnesses, the fellowship and suffering of the blogosphere, you perform HTML, RSS, and psychological experiments.

You define, refine, and re-define yourself, your cause, your company.

Ride it to the bitter end, your blog. It's your friend. It may sometimes be your only true companion on the narrow way of the blog core values.

Stand back and gaze. This time I'll let you stare in fond devotion at your blog. It is your achievement, your work of art and personal presence, your path through the digital jungle.

Today is local Blog Appreciation Day, a time to look in awe and admiration at Other Blogs as well as your own.

Ride your blog to the bitter end. Let no one deter you. Not even you. Finish what you began. Ferret out new ways to enhance it. I strongly recommend Video Posts. Especially for all you CEOs and artist-musicians out there.

Enter the Podosphere (podcasts) and the Vlogosphere (video blogging).

Come out from behind your computer and show yourself, warts and worries included. Establish an animated version of who you are, in serious and trying to be funny moments.

Ride your blog through text, audio, photo, and video.


CK said...

"Enter the Podosphere (podcasts) and the Vlogosphere (video blogging)."

Bring it on.

These iterations of "the new you" aren't challenges, they're privileges.

Thanks for your great contributions.

steven edward streight said...

CK: I have brought it on. Sometimes my theory is a few steps ahead of my practice, hopefully never in contradiction to it.

For many months now, I have been proclaiming Blogosphere 4.0, and the New Super Blogger, as being laden with multi media: film, video, audio, photos, online games, etc.

I just recently took my own medicinal advice and starting posting podcasts via Odeo and web training and humor video via YouTube.

Business bloggers go, "whuh? why? just whistles and bells, I shall stay with a simple textual blog."

Dummies, they don't get the New Me Media Revolution. People are creating, distributing, and consuming each other's content. The media and performance elites are doomed.