Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Recommended Summer 2006 Music

Ambassador 21 presents: InvaZine Live Sets/Mixes MP3
Recommended ragga-core artists: Breakin' Stevens, Aaron Spectre, DJ C, Lingouf, Fragment King, DJ Ripley, Parasite, AZ Rotator, Bong Ra, Basek, Sleepbug vs. Capslock. I've got all these, current heavy rotation = Breakin' Stevens (w/Elvis & Beach Boys samples), Aaron Spectre (live @ Beat Research Boston), and Lingouf.

Ubu Web presents: Mauricio Kagel "Acustica" (1971) and "Der Schall" (1968) noise concertos by a famous genius avant composer.


carrie said...

that whole "air inspector" thing is so rad.

steven edward streight said...

Thank you Carrie for providing input on Aaron Spectre aka Drum Corps aka Air Inspector.

I have been proclaiming his vibey influence on my interior castle for a long while, but no one has commented on him.

Aaron inspects the air, to see if it is refined [enriched] enought to earn the much debated name "music". And if it's lacking, he can add the missing ingredients to transform the plain air into enriched, music-drenched air. Boy, does he ever!

Air Inspector live @ Beat Research Boston is very addictive. Listen with caution. Habit forming.

So is Breakin' Stevens live @ Restless set, over at InvaZine from Ambassador 21.

Breakin' Stevens set contains Elvis, Beach Boys, Beatles samples cooked up in a very adroitly moving casserole.