Thursday, July 27, 2006

recipe for a compelling blog

Vaspers the Grate "compelling post writing" (1:07)

Chartreuse is discussing something called WordCamp 2006 for WordPress bloggers. I have a WordPress blog that I've shelved to the back burner, but need to get it up and running again, a pure business blog. An "all business, all the time" type thing.

But in his random musings about WordCamp, he tosses out the fact of a seminar he wishes to preside over, called How To Write a Compelling Blog.

I don't know much more than the next guy about writing a blog. But my Aunt Randy gave me a burly recipe for the delightful dish Compelling Blog Casserole.

Compelling Blog
Casserole Recipe:

Read quality literature and tech articles.

Ponder. Mix in your own observations and insights. Season with the salt of skepticism. Add a dash of controversy spice. Toss in a sprig of robust rosemary, for feminine appeal. Thicken with the flour of web expertise.

Make the whole mess connect with audience, by bringing to a slow but vigorous boil, over medium heat, while stirring constantly.

Dish up while steaming hot.

Serves 50 million readers.


Paul Woodhouse said...

It's a bit of a curious one this is it not?

What blogs, podcasts and vlogs allow us to do is present ourselves with authority, credibility and honesty. We can all present ourselves and our businesses without the bullshit in a very similar way we might do in person.

But, can we be compelling to all of the people all of the time?

Controversy may tweak some the right way and others the wrong way - the same can be said of humour, while your observations could be perceived by some to be as insightful as a cane toad's.

However, does this mean we're to sanitise the damn things to such an extent that they become merely tolerable to as many as possible as opposed to loved by the few?

Who is more idiosyncratic, controversial and skeptical than your good self?

But we all know that some people simply can't handle that. But, it's surely better to be loved or hated in equal measure than to dilute your message so that the corporate- crippled can suck it through a straw.

I've no idea whether this is something you can show or teach. Although I will say I've seen a noticeable weight come off some people's shoulders when you explain the principles behind the communication and that it's now open season.

We are no longer slaves to the corporate rhythm.

steven edward streight said...

I deliberately do things to alienate the vast majority, the unwashed masses, the celeb crawlers, the shy exhibitionistic vanity bloggers, etc.

I don't want to be easy to assimilate.

I want to break teeth as my ideas are chewed.

I want to be like the vinyl album cover by the Violators (or Vandals?), that had sheets of sandpaper glued to front and back, so the album would destroy your other albums as you pulled their album in and out of your collection.

No, seriously, I am an approval addict craving just simple human omniscient understanding and alms.

I beg pardons and crumbs.

I am anti-social and seek everyone's favor and sympathy.

I am extroverted and shy.

I am triumphant and confused.

I am the retard genius clown CEO of the bloogersphere, the Blogos Fear, or Blogs of Fear.

I issue forth in Unblogs and Fictional Memoir Affadavits.

I weary myself with self-promulgation.

CK said...

Love Aunt Randy's recipe for a compelling blog post(even more than the puke recipe). It says so much in so little. 'Tis clever, to boot. Me likes clever.

I think this would make for a compelling videocast that's short on time, long on value. Replace your baseball cap with a chef hat (with your index-card logo slapped on it) and record for a minute. I'm telling you, this one would circulate such a worthy message.

I'd love to post the video on my blog. It really does say it all. If not, I'll just post, uh...Aunt Randy's recipe in a text post. Think about it, eh?